Latest Web Development Trends For 2021

Around 1.8 billion websites are up for grabs on the internet globally. Every year a few more are added to the list with more modern technological advancements. The competition is fierce, and remaining relevant and updated is crucial for almost every business success. Therefore, web design and development agencies keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies to help grow businesses exponentially. Compelling and decent websites not only attract visitors but also builds a company’s stature.

When you look up past decades, you will see how web development has evolved the businesses worldly. The progressing technology has made it imperative for companies to stay on the same level. So, we have penned down the latest trends in web development that you need to be aware of to remain modernized in 2021:

Multiple interdisciplinary science approaches and advancements in machine learning are virtually shifting every sector pattern-wise to artificial intelligence. It adds personalization to the user experience, showcasing the relevant information by utilizing customer’s previous data, including website visits, previous shopping, top searches, history category pages, and much more. AI platforms collect this information with every customer’s website visit so that they can give recommendations. It is reshaping the eCommerce industry by providing better voice-based interactions, ADI technology, and chatbots.

  • Dark Mode UX

Dark mode came two years ago in some applications, and later almost every application proceeded with the trend. Now, websites are getting designed in dark mode to make night browsing easier. Even when you are browsing dark mode in the daytime, it looks great too. In 2021, we are going to address websites with both light and dark modes, offering the users to switch between the two as per preference.

  • Voice User Interface

One of the fastest and latest growing web development technologies is Voice UI. Voice recognition devices such as Alexa, other tech giants devices have made voice commerce possible. It has revolutionized the way people search and shop over the internet. With certain actionable words, customers can now browse the internet for seeking information.

Many people also prefer voice search over the traditional one for online ordering or phone unlocking. In this regard, Natural language processing is leverage for providing customers an optimal voice user interface experience.

  • 3D Visuals

3D technology adds detailed elements to your website which pleases the customers’ eyes. Throughout the years, the 3D visual trend was kept on its toes due to its expensive nature. But after the advancement of technology, it is now possible at an economical cost. Leveraging 3D visuals, you can provide a realistic and enticing user experience that helps build firm business ground. In the website development arena, 3D visuals are one of the most contemporary technologies.

  • Single Page Applications & Websites

Tech giants like Facebook and Google already have single-page websites and applications, and now others are sifting on the same boat. These applications and websites provide a more natural environment for users than the traditional ones. The speed is faster and better, making users enjoy uninterrupted and smooth scrolling. Even if the user has a slow internet connection, one-page websites efficiently cache data and load in minimal time.

  • IoT – Internet of Things

According to a recent survey in 2018, the worldwide count of IoT devices was 10 billion only, which is expected to rise to 64 billion by 2025. Clearly, IoT is the technology that is on everybody’s web development list till then. Under this technology, a bountiful amount of data is processed and transferred through the cloud, streamlining the whole process.

In web development, IoT helps implement all the essentialities, including personal assistants, chatbots, smartwatches, devices with small displays, etc.

  • Blockchain Technologies

Initially founded for making secure digital payments, blockchain technology is now enormously popular in the web development industry. In the upcoming years, blockchain can help build more promising and secure applications. It will induce better productivity and results when leverages for business effectively.

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The new year is all about new fascinating technologies that can help make a business flourish. Every web design and development agency keeps itself updated with the latest trends and technology to deploy up to the minute websites.

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