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Since you are here, we just want to say that after you read the article through and determine that one hard disk recovery tool, perform a back up of system after the recovery.

It really helps when you’ll need to retrieve data from hard drive next time. To relieve the stress of losing files, remember to back it up every time you create important files. Some variant we suggest here have additional built-in features, such as protection and back up.

#1. Disk Drill

This hard drive recovery tool operates not only with Windows as the majority of them. Mac OS user can enjoy their own free version. This one has a pleasant UI that is intuitive to navigate. Disk Drill boasts high satisfaction rate due to successful information retrieval. There’s a preview option for photos, so you are able to select the ones you need to recover.

Disk Drill has full information on its website as to which data the tool is able to recover for you. There are free and pro versions of this tool. There’s also an additional feature called the Recovery Vault to provide protection of your files.

#2. Recuva

A hard drive data recovery from the creators of CCleaner helps with deleted emails, unsaved Word docs, and others. There’s a portable version of the tool, but it runs only with Windows, 2003 and later ones. Free software supports file recovery only.

Use for retrieving data from multiple devices.

Beware that it may overwrite some data. Also, the tool heavily promotes an upgraded version.

#3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Runs with Windows and warns against installing on the disk you wish to recover. It’s a read-only HDD recovery software that gives tips before the installation process. It works for disks that are damaged or inaccessible, including memory cards and even CD.

Available for downloading from the website without any charge.

The free version has limitations as to the scope of recovered data and the use of scanning output.

#4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

An easy to use tool with a friendly interface. Select the folder where your lost file used to be so that the scan runs faster. There’s a preview option to the files, so you know if you recover the desired piece.

It allows limited volumes of data recovery. Then you can pay an upgrade and continue retrieving your files if you must lose them again.

#5. Puran File Recovery

Runs as a portable or full version for Windows OS. It is able to display many deleted files and also provide information if it is able to retrieve properly. Puran is free but only allows at home use. You won’t be able to use this tool on corporate or business devices.

If you are specifically interested in USB data recovery, simply click to download here.

Before heading straight for the paid tool, keep in mind that this software and tools often overwrite the disks you need to recover. So read the instructions or contacts support to learn about safe installation. Use free version to learn if your files can be recovered.