Before we create an app like Airbnb, it is important to understand what Airbnb is.

Airbnb is an online rental marketplace and the world’s biggest accommodation – sharing site where it lets people rent out their rooms to guests. It generally takes 3% commission of every booking from hosts and between 6% and 12% from guests.

Why Airbnb?

Not everyone will be comfortable letting strangers into their homes, and it doesn’t look like a good idea to everyone.

But for the millions of users, the idea of Airbnb isn’t just good; it’s brilliant and highly beneficial. Airbnb has grown widely from helping more than 20,000 guests a year find a place to stay to helping more than 5 million people a year go on holiday since the company launched in 2009.

At present, it has 800,000 properties in 34,000 cities across almost 90 different countries. That is the amount of trust and achievement Airbnb gained all these years and has potential customers.


An online rental marketplace that lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests and gives the following facilities. They are,

  • Having a sharing room or an entire house
  • Sometimes there will be a swimming pool, laundry facilities and much more.

Features To Include In An Airbnb Clone Application


Develop an app like Airbnb that helps users register via multiple sign-up options. The registered credentials are used for logging in. If new users, make it available to sign up with the account.


Create an app that lets users have set up and manage their profiles, with their basic contact details. Also, develop an app flexible for users in a way they can also change their password periodically.


Having a wishlist helps users to search and book for their future stays quickly. So, make an app having the feature of creating a wishlist and add the properties they prefer.

In-app Chat Support

Communication is the best and easiest way to inquire and clarify the doubts to the hosts. Therefore, while developing an app like Airbnb, create a facility that instantly interacts with the hosts asking about the stay and clarifies their queries.

Including customer chat support in the app enables hosts to quickly interact with users and attend to their queries without any hassle.

Ratings & Reviews

Almost all users will immediately check for ratings and reviews while booking online. Out of all features, one of the must-have on your app is reviews and ratings with feedback.

Add a feature that allows your customers to rate, review, and share their feedback on the app during their stay. It helps businesses to know the customer’s response to your app. This valuable feature allows users to make informed decisions and choices.

Viewing Property Info

Users need to go through the complete details before sending their stay requests to the hosts to understand their stay better. Therefore, an Airbnb clone app facilitates users to view the details of the properties fully.


Do not hesitate to invest in a custom-built website to get started. Because search engines like Google can read your website and help you put on the list of searches.

Make sure you focus on creating a unique, attractive, and social media-friendly website that helps you to be easily featured by search engines when searched. Also, include social sharing buttons to your website, which will give you increased visibility.

Explore The Lists

Having the list helps users to easily discover the properties listed and choose anyone according to their preferences. Enabling this feature in our Airbnb clone app helps users to sort and filter for an effective search.

Push Notifications

Having push notifications is one of the best marketing tools to enhance the app. However, with time, the utility of push notifications has changed by providing information about the latest updates of the property.

Try to manage and send push notifications frequently in a way that improves your business app. Please make sure the users are notified of the status of their booking requests immediately via in-app push notifications.

Ensure your Airbnb clone app that your notifications must add value to the users rather than regular information.

Make a virtual rental marketplace app in a way that keeps your customers aware of the available places to stay and continuously updates them about special offers and discounts that pave the way to gain customer’s attention.

Secure Payments

Users can pay for their property bookings swiftly via the payment gateway available in the app.

People choose to do the booking online instead of making a phone call to give orders to keep their data safe. Therefore ensure to keep their information confidential.

To ensure a better customer experience, include as many payment options as available. For instance, many generally prefer to use debit cards. We can use online payment processors like COD, UPI, Net banking, etc. This app makes the admin track payment status, deduct commission, and process payments with ease.

Invite & Earn

Having an option, ‘Invite and earn’ in the online vacation rental marketplace with an Airbnb clone script helps users get exclusive discounts for their bookings upon successful referral of the app to their friends and family circle.


The app will be user-friendly if there is a feature by letting the hosts be updated on the booking requests from users readily via instant push notifications.

Booking Status

An app like Airbnb has the facility where the host can accept or reject bookings for any valid reason.


The Airbnb clone app should be designed that shows the booking history where the hosts can view all upcoming, ongoing, and completed bookings for their quick reference.

Integrating With Map

The vacation rental app like Airbnb should integrate with maps that give users an outlook of the site users’ searches’ properties.


This option helps the app users to receive their coupons so they can get price cuts.

Deals & Offers

Make the app that tells the users to know all the properties with deals and offers listed in this section to refer to them effortlessly.


Here, businesses earn a commission for bringing both parties together. By developing this Airbnb clone ready-made vacation rental solution pre-packed with all vital features and technology stack, similar to the popular Airbnb app helps users and the hosts to post their listings, and users can swiftly book their stays via the app.