Online marketing has turned the tables around for businesses. It has helped several people to uplift their products and services, through some amazing practices. There are various options for online advertisement, like SEO and social media marketing. You might be dealing with them already. But there is a lot to explore when you plan to boost your business through online mediums.

There are different tactics that can be used to further enhance your business’s online presence and generate more traffic towards it. PPC, better known as Pay per Click is one of the many methods that can be used to advertise your website online. But is it worth it? According to London based PPC agency stats that a lot of online businesses do invest in this technique to get the best for their marketing. However, we will dig in further to unveil the truth.


You already know what PPC is and thus, we will get right into the details of whether this technique is worthy of an investment or not.

To begin with, we will be weighing the benefits of PPC, as it does offer you some amazing perks!

  • Top Ranking:

SEO can be an incredible element to get you to the top of Google and other search engines. But if you are missing on PPC, an well crafted SEO campaign might not do the best. With the help of PPC, your website can rank higher, even above organic content.

  • Great and Fast Outcomes:

Online marketing methods require a good amount of time to show effective results. Where the wait is worth it, you can always opt for PPC to get faster outcomes. They have the ability to bring you amazing outcomes within a day of going up. Isn’t it worth?

  • Flexible:

PPC ads can be changed anytime, even when they are gone live. If the keywords aren’t working like you thought they would, you can change them at any time.

The benefits of PPC are certainly making this method worthy of an investment. But here are the downsides to it too, which need to be considered before you make a decision.

  • Expenses:

PPC is costly. You have to pay a lot for every single click. And the costs get higher for competitive industries, leaving no choice but to bid higher and get the top place.

  • Highly Conditional:

PPC is very conditional. Your ads will keep showing up until you keep paying for them. It is as simple as this; you stop bidding on your ads, they stop showing.


If you have a huge budget, Pay per Click is definitely going to be worth it. However, it gets difficult for startups to opt for this method due to the expenses involved. But, if you have the capacity to take this technique as an option, then you must give PPC a try. It can be the turning point of your career.