Moving Services

Ever since time immemorial, humans have been moving from one place to another and settling temporarily on a particular location before packing up once more to find a different area with abundant resources. Some of today’s modern people have opted to plant down roots while, others continue to look out for better opportunities even if it means moving across the country.

If you’re part of the latter group and are scheduled to transfer residence to another state, you may find the best moving company that suits your budget and needs in this list:

#1. Great Guys Long Distance Movers

Great Guys Long Distance Movers pride themselves on their expertise and experience with the moving process. They promise to make your transfer more manageable by reducing the amount of work you have to do before you drive to another state.

Hiring them allows you to lessen the stress you’ll feel from preparation to relocation and enjoy the entire process. You can get an instant quotation on their website based on where you’re moving from and where you’re headed.

Here are a few things that you should remember when getting ready to move:

  • Prepare Your Budget – Moving across the country requires a substantial amount that’ll be used for hiring movers and paying the deposit on your next home. Setting a budget ahead of time can help you save up for the transition.
  • Scout the Market for Inexpensive Movers – You ought to hire the services of a mover as early as possible so you won’t cram when moving time comes and book the one that’s available but won’t provide you with the best service.
  • Declutter – An effortless way to cut down on moving costs is to give away the stuff that you don’t need. You can even sell the ones that are still in pristine condition to add to your moving funds.
  • Create an Inventory – After decluttering, make a list of every item you’ll be bringing with you to your new home.
  • Safeguard Important Documents – Store valuable files and belongings in one place so that you can find them easily on the day.
  • File a Change of Address – Notify your landlord of your change in address as well as the US Postal Service so that they can route your mail to your new home. Contact your bank, insurance company, and utility providers as well.

#2. Two Men and a Truck

The moving company was founded in Michigan last 1985. It has since been franchised in 43 states in the United States, so it won’t be a problem whether you’re planning to find a job in Florida from Oregon. On average, you can expect to allot an estimated 80 USD to 100 USD for their services, though it still depends on your schedule because their weekend rates are higher by about 20%.

They have two types of long distance moving packages:

  • Expedited – This type of service entails a fast delivery time with the exact date of arrival to the new location. It allows you to settle in your new home as quickly as possible.
  • Value Flex – This one is the cost-savings option without compromising quality. It works by placing your belongings in a portable box, and the company sends it to their branch in your new city. The second batch of movers will be the ones to deliver and unload your items in your new home. It takes longer than the expedited service, but you’ll save on the cost.

#3. Xpress Movers

Xpress Movers are fully-licensed and insured moving professionals who are committed to quality service and expert handling of your belongings. With them, you’ll get a customized plan that will suit your needs perfectly. They guarantee that you can enjoy accurate information on their moving process, a reliable customer support system, proper equipment, and prompt claim management.

The company provides a free quote to customers on its website. You just need to type in your current and new locations, the type of home you’ll be moving into, and the schedule of your transfer. Their interstate relocation package ensures to meet your specific requirements within your expected budget.


Enlisting the help of professional movers to help you with this significant transition in your life can lessen the overwhelming burden of having to pack, transport, and unpack your things yourself. Even though you still need to pay for their services, it’s a lot cheaper compared to the massive chunk of time that you have to dedicate during preparation and move.