What is the essential component for the effective work of your company? Definitively, the interaction between its employees and management. In this article, we’re going to show you how to improve communication in your company with the use of the latest technologies.

Communication is the process of information being exchanged between participants. There are many ways how we can communicate. The most popular are: words, gestures, images, and sounds. It’s crucial that they are understood by all participants in the communication process in the same way.

This seemingly simple process is, in fact, very complicated and exposed to many distortions. This is why, as some managers say, 90% of organizations fail to communicate. In the results, enterprises cannot achieve their goals or do not exploit the full potential. Sometimes, it even leads to serious conflicts.

How does the communication process work

The communication process requires a minimum of two people. The creator and recipient of the message can be compared to the operation of sending a telegram – one person encrypts the message, the message is sent, decrypted, and read by the recipient. It can work on the basic level of communication such as, “you do this” and “you do that,” but that is not what communication is about.

The essence of communication is much more complex and proceeds in the following way: the sender of the message formulates a message, that is, translates his thoughts into a verbal message based on the knowledge and associations he developed in his mind. Then he communicates to the other person using the following communication channels: words (content), speech (timbre, sound, and volume), body (gestures).

All this is enriched with the emotions that occur in each of the communication channels. Then the other person receives all this information through individual channels (visual, auditory, sensory, motor) and tries to submit the data based on his perception.

Communication in the organization

Each organization has a unique communication system with the development of modern technologies and ways of communication change. The process of globalization and universal access to the Internet is also essential – before, the whole company had to be in the conference room for the chairperson to convey the vision personally. Now, companies have branches all over the world. In such cases, communication is even more critical. To facilitate it, enterprises can use business phone systems. For example, the VoIP Phone System, but we will move to it later.

The importance of this system is immense because it provides the organization with information flow, both between team members and between teams and departments. Due to the communication processes, team members know what tasks they have to perform and what is the company’s goal and mission.

Problems in communication and their solution :

It’s difficult to determine what the most important causes of communication problems are. What is more, we cannot apply the same predictions to all members of the organization. However, the most often occurring problem is associated with communication between individuals, quarters, or clients located remotely. How can you make sure that your company does not compensate for the quality of work from this reason? So, let us have a look at the innovative solution- VoIP Phone System.

VoIP is an exclusive business phone system tailored to enterprises in every industry. With the system, you along with your employees, will receive the freedom to call anywhere in the world for just $3.99 a month. VoIP is an affordable enterprise-class service.

VoIP stands out from other business phone systems due to its features that facilitate communication both inside and outside the company. Here is the list of qualities of VoIP:

VoIP main features:

  • Reception console – Simply in use consoles ensure that you do not waste your time on searching recipients and calling.
  • Virtual numbers – VoIP works both locally and internationally so you can use a virtual number from any location in the world.
  • Conference calling – Online conferences are a great way to connect with your team. You can also use it to run training sessions and observe the progress in work.
  • Call recording- Sometimes, group conferences or training sessions are so rich in ideas and compelling solutions that you cannot afford to lose the record after the call. That’s why call recording is so useful.
  • Call waiting- Running a business requires a lot of hours and efforts spent on the phone. With call waiting, you will receive a notification every time someone is trying to connect with you while you have another call.
  • Company directory- With company directory, you can direct requests to your colleagues from your console.

These are just a few features that make VoIP so unique. Find out more on our website and start your 30 days FREE trial.