How To Stop Unwanted Calls

Getting a lot of unwanted calls is annoying. If your ex won’t stop calling you or you keep getting spam calls, it needs to stop. Not only does it interrupt your life, but it can put a damper on your mood.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can stop these unwanted calls. Below we’ll go over just how to do that, how to trace unknown numbers, and more. This will bring you peace of mind and will stop those pesky phone calls.

How to Stop Unwanted Calls – Easy Things to Try


The easiest way to stop unwanted calls is to block the number. The way you can block a phone number will vary depending on what type of phone you have, but this setting is available on nearly every mobile device. Once you block a number, it can not reach you again. This is a good practice to try if you’ve been receiving robocalls as well.

Let’s say you do have someone from your past trying to get a hold of you. Once you’ve blocked their number, they can’t get a hold of you unless they’re using a different phone number. Thankfully, with the uprising of technology, there are also call-blocking apps that are available as well.

Tracing Unknown Numbers

Even with caller ID for every phone call, you won’t always know who’s calling. You may not recognize the phone number, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find out who the number belongs to. You could wait for them to leave a voice mail, but that’s never guaranteed.

You can start tracing unknown phone numbers by calling *69 on your phone. It may be important to know that there is a possibility of a small fee that comes with this. This will give you the 10-digit phone number of the last person who called you. You’ll then be able to call this number back and find out who it belongs to.

Registering Your Phone Number

A quick and easy fix to stopping unwanted calls is to register your phone number with The National Do Not Call Registry. This will stop phone calls that are sales related or spam callers. Chances are that you didn’t win that free two-week cruise with your choice of a destination.

To prevent these annoying, and somewhat laughable calls, register your phone number online or over the phone. It’s important to mention that this won’t affect phone calls from non-business related numbers.

Stop Calls Before They Start

Because the majority of unwanted calls are robocalls or spammers, it could be a good practice to stop these calls before they even start. Most service providers have access to what is called the Anonymous Call Rejection. You can reach this simply by dialing “ *77 ”. Once you’ve dialed the number you will hear three beeps.

After this, you can hang up the phone. Now any unknown number that calls you won’t even come through! There are a couple of things to note when it comes to this practice. First, some phone carriers will charge a small fee for using *77. Secondly, in some areas, *77 is a way to reach law enforcement.

Do Not Disturb

While this last method doesn’t completely stop unwanted calls, it will stop your phone from ringing from them. Most cell phones have a “Do Not Disturb” mode. This is usually turned on during sleep, meetings, or while commuting. Do Not Disturb simply silences all notifications besides alarms.

You will still receive the notification on your lock screen if you get a call or text message. Your phone will not light up and no sound will go off. You can even set up Do Not Disturb to be active during specific times daily on specific days. With that being said, if you’re waiting on an important phone call or text message, this may not be the best option.