With the world finally opening up and everything slowly going back to normal, it may be the best time to escape the daily hustles of life, even if it’s for a short time. And a boat ride on the New York Hudson River doesn’t sound so bad. 

Boating in New York comes with different experiences based on what you enjoy doing. If you are a fan of epic views like the Statue of Liberty, enjoy lobster and wine tasting, live Jazz Cruise, or maybe want to enjoy the sunset, a boat tour will be perfect. Enjoy your perfect boat tour without having to worry about carrying unnecessary bags or luggage around. Leave your bags with luggage storage NYC and soak in the sights of the city.  

Whichever experience you choose to indulge in, you’ll need to prep for your boating trip using the following suggestions.

Pay Attention To Safety Measures 

Even though boating is a low-risk activity, you’ll still need to know the safety measures and abide by them for your welfare. First, choose a life jacket that fits you perfectly enough to be comfortable.  

And since life jackets come in different sizes, go for one that will match your boating activities. Then try it on to ensure that it doesn’t go past your chin to avoid risking it slipping off.  

When you step on the boat, check for a working fire extinguisher that’ll come in handy during a fire incident, a stocked first aid kit in case of medical emergencies, and visual distress signals.  

Before your boat ride, take a NY-approved boater safety course even if you won’t be operating the boat. This course takes under three hours, and you’ll get to learn different rules and boat etiquette.  

In addition, a boating course is essential for both your safety and everyone else’s as you get to practice real-life situations and role-playing simulation. At the end of the three-hour program, you’ll be able to tackle most problems that may arise during your trip.  

Check The Weather 

Checking the weather has been made easy by the numerous apps that can predict what to expect within the day. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look for more updates on the official marine weather forecast website.  

You’ll be able to find real-time information and a glossary of weather terms that you may not be familiar with. It may be best to understand the basics, such as reading wavelength and water levels.  

Once you know what kind of weather to expect, take the necessary precautions, such as carrying sunscreen for a ride on a hot day and water to keep you hydrated. In addition, it may get wet and cold; thus, you should consider carrying rain gear and insulating layers.  

Pick Your Destination 

New York boating can be sightseeing or a themed trip, depending on your fancy. If you want to enjoy the beauty of NYC, you can hope for a sightseeing trip that lasts between one to three hours.  

These trips are short and focused on specific tours that’ll take you around Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Harlem, and Yankee Stadium. Pick a boat of your choice with sight in mind depending on the main areas you want to focus on and your budget. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy sightseeing in a unique way that’s themed. In such boating trips, you can indulge in lobster and wine tasting, enjoy a live jazz cruise or have dinner on water based on what you like the most.

Carry Your Supplies 

If you opted for a sightseeing trip instead of a themed one, you’d need to carry some supplies that’ll come in handy and make your trip comfortable. First, bring motion sickness patches that you can wear behind your ears to help prevent nausea and vomiting during the trip.  

And since you’ll be on the water, carry a dry bag or a waterproof phone case in case water splashes onto your boat. For your skin, apply waterproof sunscreen to protect you against the harsh rays that you may encounter. 

The boat has slippery surfaces that require comfortable shoes to avoid falling and getting hurt. In addition, carry a jacket on board even if the weather looks perfect as it can change so fast and you may feel cold later.  

The exciting part about boating trips is the numerous sights to see and remember; you’ll need a waterproof camera. You can also pack some binoculars, a great playlist to keep you entertained throughout the trip, and power banks to top your electronics that are low on power.  

In addition, don’t forget your water, as you’ll need to hydrate from time to time. If it’s a hot day, carry a cooler with you to keep everything chilled.  

Bottom Line 

Although New York is known as the concrete jungle, it always has a lot of sights to enjoy. The boating experience will be one of a kind, depending on the kind you love most. However, these boating trips need some prepping before hopping on them. 

When looking for a company that offers boating trips, focus on the reviews they have and pick one that’s highly rated. Go for boats depending on the level of comfort you want or the experience it offers.