5 Reasons to Visit New York

There are many reasons to visit New York and it isn’t only because everyone wants to visit the Big Apple. If there was ever city that you had to visit while on a road trip in an RV rental through the U.S, it would have to be New York.

While San Francisco, Austin, Miami, and Colorado are often talked about destinations in the U.S., there is no doubt that New York is that timeless destination that will captivate you in more ways than one. There are many destinations that people talk about and praise but none quite as deserving as New York City.

There’s a reason why New York is talked about in music, film, and books. There are several reasons why many a lyric, storyline, and scene include New York in them. It’s the city that never sleeps and you don’t want to miss out on seeing it at least once.

These following 5 reasons should be enough to get you out on the road with this “melting pot” location set as the destination in your GPS:

  1. NYC is where you will find a true “melting-pot”-While the U.S. is full of cities made up of people from several different nationalities, there is no other city that boasts of so many different cultures in one area. It is highly common to walk through the streets and hear a plethora of languages in a span of a few blocks. It is also a place where you can find cultural lessons and classes from all over the world. If you want to experience a different kind of atmosphere, this is the place for you. Better yet, get out there and try to make new friends with people from all over the world.
  2. NYC has some of the world’s best restaurants-If you are a foodie, there could be nothing better than visiting New York and touring some of its finest restaurants. With global influences in the cuisine and restaurants serving authentic dishes from foreign countries, NYC is where you want to go for meals that you won’t forget for months to come. If there is a certain cuisine that you love, you can be sure to find plenty of restaurants to choose from in the Big Apple. From the Gramercy Tavern to Indian Accent and Gabriel Kreuther, the city is full of fabulous restaurants with delectable food you will want to enjoy again and again.
  3. The experience. The atmosphere. The vibe-It may sound cliché but the experience of New York is just that: an experience! From the sounds in the street to the mx of languages and the variety of people, it’s an experience that will reward your senses and will undoubtedly entertain you during your time in this iconic city. As you take the subway, you will be rewarded with all types of interesting acts and performances, as well as a plethora of personalities and sights on the trains. Trust me, there will be times when you’ll feel like you’re on a movie set, only to realize it’s real life!
  4. It’s a culture-buff paradise-From theatre to comedy, concerts, and museums, there is a myriad of entertainment venues for those who like to spend time observing the arts and learning about the world. If you enjoy plays, you will have plenty to choose from. Broadway isn’t world-famous for nothing. Catch a play while you’re in the city. Go to your favorite author’s book signing. Step into an improv comedy club. Observe the exhibitions in MOMA. We promise that you won’t regret it!
  5. The nightlife is “happening”-NYC isn’t called the city that never sleeps for no reason. It truly is a place where you can find something to do any night of the week, no matter what. With speak easy places and underground clubs, it’s a scene unlike any that you’ve ever seen. The great thing about New York is that there’s something happening for every type of person. No matter what your “scene” is, you can be sure to be rewarded in this incredible city. From the House of Yes to the Good Room, there are plenty of clubs and bars to choose from for an unforgettable night.

Of course, there are the many famous sites to see in the area. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, there are a number of historical places that you will want to visit. If there were ever anything that one could say with certainty, it would be that you must visit New York. Keep your mind open and your eyes as well. It may not be a life-changing experience for you but it will be a rewarding one.

If you’re planning a road-trip to the most iconic cities in the U.S., make sure to include New York City on your itinerary and don’t forget to bring your camera.