Many people underestimate the power of people in business, especially when starting. A common mistake is thinking that everything is based on following the right strategy, having more resources, or bringing more value to the market. But what is the thing that makes all that possible?

Since this allows our business to scale and expand quickly, people are becoming more and more relevant. The team member sitting next to you could one day become the leader of the company. Building top performance training programs for your coworkers requires leadership.

One of the best ways to level up your team is periodically giving them rewards for their work.


No one can show interest in a project when there is no objective worth pursuing. Because of this, it is imperative to give our teammates a desirable reward they would like to move toward.

Indeed, challenging your team makes people commit to their goals and achieve them. Even better, once they are successful, you can make the reward bigger as you raise their standards, making them become elite performers.

Some people use reward systems because of their ego. Others use it because they don’t have a clear notion of the mission of the company. But whatever people are looking for, everyone loves being recognized for an achievement. Nevertheless, the effects and positive feelings that motivate them may not last long enough when it comes to focusing your workers on long term goals. How can you keep them motivated then?


Studies have shown that physical rewards create more satisfaction that temporal feelings, experiences, or achievements. In particular, a great number of corporations have started giving crystal awards for their employees to make them feel special and want to reach their potential.

What’s amazing about this is that it is a great way to motivate them to pursue more difficult long term goals as well. Specifically, the moment the worker is given this award in a celebration, he starts feeling a lot of positive emotions, inspiration, and happiness.

Once the team worker places one of these symbols in a place where we can see it, he will “activate” those emotions every time he sees the award. Psychologically speaking, it creates an emotional anchor, a connection that says to the brain, “Having this award means happiness.”

Have you heard the saying, “Whatever is rewarded is repeated.” That is exactly the next thing that happens with these members. Always make sure you have reserved an event to showcase the good work and attention to detail of these good employees. It will make them more productive and look forward to the future.


Rewards are pleasing for a lot of people. In fact, the harder it was to win the award, the more powerful and valuable they are perceived by workers. But rewarding people includes a bonus advantage that skyrockets the productivity of your team.

There is a connection between the number of members involved and the challenge they face. Imagine you create a big challenge for your team, but also the reward is so amazing that it is impossible to say no. What will happen next?

The best thing about rewards is that you don’t have to wait until you give someone recognition to enjoy better work quality. In this case, people will create an insanely competitive work environment where team workers completely immerse themselves in completing the challenge.


Imagine the situation. Employees gathering in front of the office building before it is even opened. Once they are at work, they are incredibly focused. They do not mind staying there a few more hours. They use competition pressure in their favor to become more creative and meet the goal. How impacting would that be?

As you may know, this state of focus is very hard to trigger—unless you know to do it. The biggest corporations absolutely know how to do it. Now you can do it too.

Our work as business owners is using our creativity and leadership skills to show our people how to give their best and produce amazing results. It is possible and it is worth it.

Successful leaders who commit to making their teams relentless usually end up making it, and before you know it, they are the leading companies of the industry on an international scale.