How to Make your Camping Experience more Comfortable

So, you want to go camping but it’s feeling a little outside your comfort zone. Your friends seem to be a bit more into the idea than you, and you want to get excited about it. What you need is to bridge the gap between your comfortable bed and the wilderness.

Here are some ways to make your camping experience more comfortable.

Sentimental belongings

You may not feel like you’re a sentimental person, but we all are on some level. A good place to start is by bringing your favorite clothes and gadgets. Camping design gifts such as the warmly knitted printed jumpers as seen on Dzeetee, as well as the custom t-shirts, can be a great place to start – even more so for dog lovers and cat lovers, given the plethora of animal print designs.

Getting used to wearing this at home before leaving can bring familiarity that special camping clothes cannot. This is a bit like wearing a suit the day before your big interview to feel more comfortable – only, you’ll never want to take off your grizzly bear jumper.

Alternatively, websites such as Dzeetee also have camping-related journals which can be a great way to unload during your time in the woods. A journal for some people can act as a safety blanket, and it can be a great way to better remember the trip.

Pick a good campsite

Choosing a good campsite is paramount to having a good experience. This means using reliable online resources such as the Dyrt and even Google Map reviews to help filter out ones with poor facilities.

Check for RV hookups, picnic tables, showers, civilized toilets, and maybe even Wi-Fi. Although Wi-Fi isn’t recommended when you camp, as this is time for you to disconnect and rest, it can be important for some people to feel more relaxed.

Choose a good kitchen set-up

The hardest part of camping can come from low energy levels due to a lack of good food, so it’s important not to neglect a good kitchen. All the basics should be taken such as cutlery, a bowl, camping stove, and flask/mug.

However, it’s worth going the extra mile by taking a high-quality swiss army knife, a cooler box, and perhaps even a portable charcoal grill. This way, you can make tasty meals with plenty of calories – not merely rehydrating noodles. Furthermore, if coffee is also important to you, don’t settle for instant coffee just because it’s convenient – take an aeropress or a small french press.

Bring a pillow

Now, the first thing on our minds when organizing a camping trip is to stay warm and comfortable with a great mat and sleeping bag. However, a good pillow shouldn’t be overlooked. Camping pillows can be great – just make sure to test it out before you leave. If it doesn’t feel homely, there’s no shame in taking the pillow from your bed at home.

It’s important to note that all of these tips can add up to quite a lot of money. If you’re not a camping enthusiast, then such an investment may be an issue. A way around this is to either borrow equipment from friends and relatives or to rent it from an outdoor rental company. This is a great way to indulge in high-quality gear and add to the experience for the modest price of a rental.