car engine

A lot of people opt for diesel engine cars due to the fact that diesel is much cheaper as compared to petrol, making it an economical alternative.

But when it comes to technical complexity, diesel engines are much more complex than petrol ones. So, when it comes to regular maintenance you might want to take your car to a professional diesel engine repair service.

But nonetheless, it is always helpful to know a few maintenance tips so that you can keep your diesel engine car healthy and running.

In this article we will discuss ways in which you can maintain a diesel engine car. Read on to know more.

Monitor your car’s coolant

A perfectly running coolant is the most important requirement of a diesel car. If not maintained from time to time, the coolant is prone to becoming acidic and will adversely affect the radiator system as well. Keep checking your coolant from time to time and get it flushed from regular intervals. Trust a professional diesel engine repair service to do so. If you live in Canada, you can visit Kelowna Diesel RV Repair to for regular maintenance of your car.

Change fuel filters regularly

When you take your diesel car for a regular maintenance, you should replace the fuel filters. A fuel filter should be changed every 10 to 15K miles. Diesel engine cars these days have a primary and a secondary filter. For maximal performance of your vehicle you should replace both the filters at the same time.

Keep your engine clean

You should always keep the engine of your car clean for optimum performance. If dirt and grime get free access to your engine and stay there for a long time, your engine is bound to get damaged. If you do not clean your car engine at regular intervals it will reduce the road life of your life significantly. While cleaning your fuel pay extra attention to the fact the fact that the car’s fuel is clean.

Oil changes

For a smooth running diesel engine car, the oil changes should be every 5K miles. Some cars may need oil changes for even shorter interval depending on the car activity. If your diesel engine car is used for hard driving purposes like towing, it requires frequent oil change.

Inspect air filters

Check your air filters regularly and if need be replace them too on regular intervals. Depending on the type of road conditions and climate you drive in, you might need to monitor the air filters regularly. Make sure that the air filters are always clean for smooth running of your car.

Fuel check

A very important factor when it comes to the health of your car is fuel check. When you are running a diesel engine car never let the fuel tank dry up completely. Running with a dry engine can result in the rusting of your engine and thereby detrimental to your engine’s health Modern day diesel cars come with a safety mechanism where your car shuts down below 2 to 3 litres of oil.

Take your car for small rides

You maybe someone who doesn’t use their diesel engine car as often as you used to and it mostly sits idle in your garage. Well don’t let your cars sit too long. Take your car out pn small rides, to ensure that all the parts are in proper running condition.

Final words

These are a few tips which will help you maintain your diesel engine powered car. With a little effort on your part and the help of these maintenance tips, you can keep your car running smoothly.