Moving Companies

If you are moving, you need to hire the right moving company. One of the steps to choosing a moving company is to get an estimate from at least three different movers.  While this is important, you need to understand how you get these estimates and whether one method is better than another.

An Online Estimate

The most convenient method of getting an estimate is to use an online estimator. There are a lot of moving and storage companies that have these estimators and calculators on their websites. The information you need to provide will vary depending on the company.

There are some moving companies that base ask you for the number of boxes you are going to have and any other furniture you will move to. Other companies want to know the size of the property and will base the estimate on this. If the company asks you to specify boxes and furniture, you need to be careful because anything not listed could be left behind.

This estimate system is the most convenient for users, but it is also one of the least accurate. Unless you have already packed, you are unlikely to know the number of boxes you are going to have. Additionally, one 3-bedroom house will make more than others, and you could be paying too much for the service you need.

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There are a lot of advantages to this type of estimate. The primary benefit is convenience, as you can get an estimate at any time.  This is excellent if you do not have a lot of time to get views and if you want to take your time comparing estimates.

While these estimates are not the most accurate, they are best when you do not have a lot of items to move. It is important to note that most long-distance movers will not use this form of an estimate. If the company does offer this, they will often want a follow-up in-home inspection. You may not want to work with a long-distance mover that does not complete an in-home estimate.

The In-Home Estimate

This is the most accurate estimate, and most reputable moving and storage companies will insist on this.  With these estimates, the moving company will send a representative to your home, where they assess what needs to be moved. While at your home, they will look at your possessions and determine how large a truck they need and how long the move will take.

They will also consider how complicated the move will be. If you have small doors or live in a building without a service elevator, the movers need to know about this. All these factors can impact how easily they can move everything and how much the move should cost.

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After the inspection, the moving company will take at least a day to provide you with the estimate. The estimate will generally be detailed and more accurate than the online options. It will also be tailored to your move, and you can ensure that there are no surprise costs.

The Types Of Estimates

While there are two ways of getting an estimate, you need to know about the types of estimates you can get as well. The least common type of estimate is the non-binding moving estimate. As the name suggests, these estimates will not hold your movers to the estimated cost. The final cost you face could be more or less than this estimate.

Some disreputable movers offer low non-binding estimates to entice you. The problem is that the price will increase dramatically once the move is made. If you get an estimate that seems too good to be true, it likely is.

The next type of moving estimate you can get is a binding estimate. This is the opposite of the non-binding one and considered the best. With this estimate, the moving company cannot charge you more than the estimated cost. However, the move will not be less than the estimate, either.

If your move is smaller or weighs less than estimated, you will still pay the estimated price.  The moving company should clearly state the binding nature of the estimate. If the company does not clearly state the type of estimate, you need to be careful.

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The last type of estimate is binding not to exceed the moving estimate. This is also known as price protection or guaranteed price estimate. You will never have to pay more than the estimated price, but you could pay less if the costs are lower. This is the most consumer-friendly option.

There are two most common ways to get a moving estimate. Online estimates are easier and more convenient, but in-home estimates are more accurate. While you need to know the ways to get estimates, you also need to understand the different types of estimates.