How to Create Servicenow Catalog and Workflow item

A Service Catalog in servicenow is a rundown of administrations that are provided by an IT association as a specialist organization to its client. Service Catalog makes it simple to discover and avail IT Services. Using the ServiceNow Service Catalog application you can make administration catalogs which give your clients self-administration openings. By modifying entryways where your clients can demand catalog items, things, administration and product contributions. You can likewise normalize demand satisfaction to guarantee the exactness and accessibility of the products in the catalogs. In this blog post we are going to discuss how to create servicenow catalog and workflow items. Moreover learning servicenow training will help you to gain expertise in this competitive field.

Let’s start the discussion.

Just three steps must be performed to build up the catalog and workflow item in ServiceNow. They are,

  • Configure Service Catalog Item structure 
  • Plan the Workflow for the catalog item according to necessity.
  • Attach the Workflow to the Catalog item.

#1. Configure Service Catalog Item structure

The steps are as follows,

  • Login as System Administrator.
  • Explore to Maintain Item module accessible on the left side of the modules list.
  • Choose New button.
  • Provide Name (name of catalog item)
  • Choose Catalog (for e.g. service catalog)
  • Choose Category (for e.g. Hardware)
  • Give depiction and short portrayal, need to show on Catalog Item.
  • Save the form. When the form gets saved, the related list will show up below.
  • Open Variable Tab ( Variable is essentially utilised to make the fields, fields that are accessible in the form)
  • Presently let’s make a field, for example, Requested For. Snap on the new button accessible in the Variable tab.
  • Provide Type (for example: for requested field, pick reference type).
  • Provide order (let say give esteem 100, essentially order chooses the grouping of display, field having the minimum request number will show on the highest point of the form)
  • Explore the Question tab at the base, include Question name (it is fundamentally a label name shown in the structure), subsequent to giving inquiry and choosing the tab key, Name field auto populated or you can likewise provide it without help from anyone else.
  • Choose the type detail tab, choose the table in the Reference field.
  • Click on Submit. (On the off chance that we need to make more fields on a catalog item structure, we can make a similar way we have made a request for a field, yet we need to choose the type field as per the prerequisite).
  • Presently to confirm the form, click on the try button accessible on the top corner at right. It will show how the form will appear to the end client.

#2. Plan the Workflow for the catalog item according to necessity

Form is considered as the body of a catalog item and workflow is its spirit. Workflow can be made through graphical editor apparatus. Workflow is utilized to configure administration demand satisfaction measures. A Workflow mechanizes and envisions a multi-step process as a grouping of activities. It concludes that the request item satisfaction will be completed from beginning till end, each and every progression or level of the necessity must be planned in the workflow. For example, notifications, approvals, call different workflows, rollback, different conditions, and so forth. You can practice lab sessions in servicenow online training.

The steps to design the workflow are as follows,

  • Login as system administrator
  • Explore to Workflow Editor accessible in left side menu choices.
  • Press on New Workflow activity.
  • Provide workflow name and select table “sc_req_item” and Description.
  • If we need that workflow to trigger depending on any situation, at that point we can make conditions.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Presently from the core tab accessible on the right, we can choose the exercises we need and transfer it to the proofreader segment where as of now we need to start action and end.
  • Let’s state we need endorsement after the catalog item is requested. Choose Approval client activity and transfer it to the editor segment.
  • We can choose different exercises according to necessity.
  • When everything is completed, approve the workflow and distribute the workflow.

#3. Attach the Workflow to the Catalog item

The steps to attach the workflow are given below,

  • Login as System administrator
  • Explore to the maintain product module accessible on the left side menu.
  • Open the necessary catalog item.
  • Explore the process engine tab.
  • Choose the workflow you need to attach in the workflow field.
  • Click on the update button.


The steps described above will help you in creating Servicenow catalog and workflow items. ServiceNow Service Catalog empowers associations to move ahead of their computerized transformation and convey a wide scope of items and administrations through an user‑friendly method. The Service Catalog robotizes workflows and endorsements to empower associations to improve the client experience, and diminish operational expenses.

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