IAS Topper

Though thinking of joining the Indian Administrative Services is a great ambition in itself, there is no dearth of the candidates who aim at acquiring the AIR 1 and be the IAS topper. However, it is easy said than Done.

The AIR 1 Toppers for the CSE results score an edge over the entire competition! No wonder, they acquire the most coveted of all the ranks to be declared the IAS toppers.

What does it take to become an IAS Topper?

It’s interesting to note and analyze further what qualities do the IAS Toppers possess that are terribly lacked by others?

If you aim at acquiring AIR 1, you definitely need to be:

  1. Disciplined
  2. Practice relentlessly
  3. Study both hard and smart

Besides, be thoroughly aware of your strengths and specifically all the drawbacks so that you may optimize all the positive traits and minimize the negative ones to give the required boost to your preparation for the IAS Exam. Also, consider all that is relevant and chart out a well thought of strategy in order to beat the entire competition.

Tips to become an IAS Topper

Apart from studying hard, you need to opt for a smart approach. The point to be noted is that all the IAS aspirants study hard, read a lot of content, solve the Test Series, attend the Mock Tests and the Mock Interviews … and what not! But the IAS Topper opts for a smart approach! Let’s find what is it?

The tips given below would help you considerably to acquire AIR 1: 

#1. Do not be overwhelmed by anxiety

It’s understandable that clearing the IAS Exam is a task Herculean enough that can unnerve any candidate. However, the point to be noted is that no candidate can prepare well for any examination with a mind that is far from being at ease. And it applies the most in the case of an IAS aspirant. Thus, it’s best not to allow the anxiety overwhelm you. Stay cool, calm and relaxed so that you are at your best while preparing for the IAS Exam.

#2. Join an IAS coaching institution

It’s one of the best possible ways to prepare for the IAS Exam with a relaxed mind. Join an IAS coaching institution. Doing so will take a lot of stress and anxiety off your mind.

Once you are enrolled, it would be the responsibility of the coaching institution to provide you with:

  1. a competitive study material,
  2. test series,
  3. qualitative coaching sessions
  4. mock tests
  5. mock interview sessions
  6. query solving sessions
  7. mentorship etc.

Thus, you may see for yourself that a lot of activities related to the preparation for the IAS Exam would be taken care of by the IAS coaching institution that you join. As a result, you will feel at ease and would be able to prepare for the Exam with a relaxed mind.

#3. Choose the Optional Subject carefully

The Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC allows you to choose an Optional subject out of a long list. There are 2 Papers for the Optional subject carrying 250 marks.

Thus, it’s understood that if you opt for the Optional subject in a careless manner, it only implies that you are simply putting 500 marks at stake! And that is more than enough to jeopardize your chances of acquiring AIR 1 and be the topper. So, it would be in the best of your own interests to consider all the pros and cons before you finalize your choice of the Optional subject.

#4. Read NCERT

A strong building may be constructed only on a solid foundation stone. So, how can you think of gaining the entire knowledge required not only to clear the IAS Exam, but even acquire AIR 1 to see yourself as the topper when UPSC declares the CSE results without a crystal clear idea of all the concepts that the UPSC syllabus requires you to study?

Thus, read NCERT books to gain crystal clarity of all you would be required to read in greater details for the preparation of the Exam. Besides, it is advisable to read the new NCERT books rather than the old ones. NCERT revises the books as and when required. So, reading the new NCERT books (and not the old ones) would help you gain a better understanding of various subjects.

#5. Make frequent revisions

It’s only going to be wise if you revise. You might be studying hard. You might not leave any stone unturned in order to top the CSE. But, what if you are not able to recall the entire information when you are required to do so most crucially while facing the Civil Services Exam?

 Of course, UPSC does not know how many hours you have putting in every day to study. Also, the government body has no clue to what all books have you been studying. You might have read all the books repeatedly, but the entire effort would simply go down the drain if you do not recall the relevant details while facing the Exam.

So, sharpen your memory. And you would need to revise in order to do the same. It would be a wise move if you revise more than you think would be sufficient. As you would move ahead with the preparation, you will get to see that the UPSC syllabus appears like a never ending ocean.

And the more you study, the more you need to retain in your memory and the more you need to revise. Right! So, keep a provision of the time for making revisions.

To sum up, you aim at being the IAS Topper, to acquire the AIR 1. And that explains that you are quite ambitious. So, put in the best of your efforts. Do not give up. Study well. Keep all other thoughts at bay, apart from being the IAS Topper! Be persistent for it pays!