How Memorial Plaques Can Help You Commemorate Your Loved One

Memorial plaques are permanent ways to commemorate a loved one that has passed on. Memorial plaques offer a way to honor the person’s presence, their impact, and what they meant to you in this world. Losing a loved one is hard, but an engraved plaque with its name and significance can make all the difference to their memory in your eyes and others who come across the plaque. Memorial plaques take memorializing your loved one to a whole different level since their plaque will stand and carry on beyond your lifetime. Style and placement are two essential parts of creating a memorial. Today, this blog discusses the significance of a memorial plaque to remember your loved ones and ways to go about choosing the right one.

What is a Memorial Plaque? 

A memorial plaque is a plate typically composed of metal or stone fixated on an object. Plaques generally have inscriptions on them consisting of the name and lifespan of the deceased member and an emotional message or phrase unique to them, and the mark they left on earth. Plaques are ideal due to their durable nature. Their stone or marble properties make them a relic that will last beyond a lifetime, making them a wise alternative to a headstone that tends to wear down over time.

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Where Should I Place My Memorial Plaque For My Passed Loved One? 

The perfect location for your memorial plaque all comes down to purpose. Is this a personalized way for you to celebrate your loved one? Is it a place for many people to visit and pay their respects? Or Is it a unique area like a park they would venture to or a significant tree? Regardless of the meaning behind the person and location, there are many options to choose from. It all comes down to that personal bond between you and your loved one and intimately praising them. Options for placing your memorial plaque include: 

  • A Tree: Tree stakes tend to have plaques or plaque holders to honor the deceased
  • Benches or Sidewalks: Benches and sidewalks are common locations for memorial plaques, especially if it’s a bench they would sit on often or a sidewalk in an area they loved
  • Cemeteries: Memorial plaques are excellent alternatives to headstones for their durability and environmental resistance. You can also find plaques mounted on walls for cremated persons. 
  • Walls: Walls in religious places like a church or home of worship are ideal for spiritual individuals
  • Movie theaters: Movie theaters are familiar places that symbolize fun and enjoying the cinema with the people you love most. Most seat plaques include a short description of the deceased individual. 

Placing your plaque is a unique way to commemorate your loved one. It allows their memory to live on in the eyes of others and gives them a deeper insight into your loved ones and their importance to you. As long as it has meaning to you, their memory will live on in your heart and mind forever. 

What Is the Right Material for A Memorial Plaque?

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect location, you want a sustainable material for your plaque. Steel is a popular option, but there are various materials like bronze, brass, aluminum, cast metal, stone, and wood for polishing and resistance. All of these vary in price depending on the quality of the material. No matter what you choose, your memorial plaque will serve its purpose of remembering your loved one. 

Choose A Memorial Plaque to Honor Your Loved One

Your loved ones might be gone, but they are not forgotten. A memorial plaque will preserve their name and legacy for a lifetime and beyond. If you wish to invest in a plaque, check in with a local funeral home to learn more about the ideal plaque suitable for you and your loved one’s remembrance.