Friday the 13th and Black Friday for Tattoos

Friday the 13th and everything that revolves around it is a topic that generates controversy and year after year it gives a lot to talk about. For most people this date is a sign of bad luck. However, for certain people, such as tattoo artists and those who get tattoos, it is a perfect day.

For some years now, a tradition has been generated in the United States where thousands of people attend to get the number 13 tattooed on a day like today. In this way, most of the tattoo studios give different discounts to those who choose to embody this number on their skin.

The tattoo artist community considers the number 13 to be one of good luck, as it partly represents a shield against marginalization. On the other hand, many people also point out that tattoos and the date are rebellious and the fact that both are feared by the majorities.

In this way, a current that began on North American soil has been expanding through countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia , among others. This tradition is said to have started in the 1920s and 1930s in suburban America. Sailors and brothel clients wanted to go against the traditional and chose to take 13 as a lucky number, so they began to tattoo it every Friday the 13th.

Thus, tattoo artists have chosen to offer different discounts and promotions to anyone who decides to mark their skin with the number that for them brings luck and means renewal of energy. If you didn’t dare to get a tattoo before, Friday the 13th is the perfect time to get it. You can either consult an expert individual tattoo artist or a Tattoo Design Inc. to get what you desire for.

What does a 13 tattoo mean?

The tattoos of digits have always been common in the world of tattoo. They have been used above all to highlight a special date or to symbolize something in particular, since each number carries with it an important symbolic meaning. These meanings are often philosophically charged and represent all kinds of things.

Most people have always considered number 13 as a symbol of misfortune , evil, bad luck and the like, but is it so? Not really and although in the past 13 was considered a sinister number, today it is something else. As in almost all popular beliefs, religions are the main responsible for what is believed of the number 13. For example, for Christianity the 13 always symbolized bad luck.

Throughout history, the number 13 had a strong connection with tragedies, misfortune, misery, and bad luck. The same thing happened for example in tarot and kabbalah, where the number symbolizes shadows, bad karma and evil. Growing up in the collective imagination of different societies with these meanings, it is not surprising that Friday the 13th is a day of fear considered by so many people. Perhaps that is why horror movies under that name are so popular.

Tattoos we always an act of distinction, of rebellion, of freedom, and something like separating from the crowd. That is why there is a strong connection between number 13 and tattoos.

Both the tattoo artists and people who get tattoo of this number have adopted it as a symbol totally contrary to what is symbolizes for society. The community of the art of body modification considers the number 13 as a number of good luck, as a shield against marginalization and as a symbol to face the majorities.

What other types of tattoos people usually get on Friday the 13th?

Tribal tattoos

When we talk about the types of tribal tattoo, we are referring to one of the oldest forms of tattoo. They are characterized by being tattoos in black ink with geometric shapes and repeating patterns.

Old School tattoos

Old School Tattoos are traditional tattoos loved by Americans and are easily identifiable because they mix elements characteristic of the sailors as anchors, boats, mermaids or bottles of alcohol with icons of the old culture school in the United States, like eagles or some typefaces, including others.

Neo-traditional tattoos

We could say that this is the evolution of old school tattoos without reaching the extreme of new trending tattoos. Neo-traditional tattoos maintain the characteristics of the vivid colors and the old school black outline, but include new, more current themes for the tattoos. They also look a bit more three-dimensional because they make light and shadow effects.

Sketchy tattoos

Another type of the tattoos that has been inspired by illustration and painting and that has become super trendy. Sketchy tattoos simulate those preliminary drawings that are made before finishing an illustration or artwork. It is characterized by having several delicate strokes or guide lines.


Many people living in different countries who love tattoos excites for Friday the 13th to get even a better tattoo. Friday the 13th is a tradition in the community of tattoo for am opportunity to get tattoos honoring the event. Many people consider number 13 as a bad luck. On the other hand, it’s considered good luck to many others, and Friday the 13th is the perfect time to do so.