How Combining Traditional and Modern Strategies Guarantees Marketing Success

Successful businesses understand that it’s not about ‘hard advertisement.’ Some of the most engaging ads come about due to ‘soft ads’ such as hashtags, giveaways, and other social media marketing efforts. All of these are more interesting and help companies delve deeper into the customers’ psyche.

That’s because the use of traditional media (such as print and television) along with modern media (such as social media and text messages) is used to produce combined campaigns, and lead to greater customer engagement. To learn how you can provide value within the context of your print campaigns, click here.

Many marketers have now come to realize that combining multiple channels is exponentially more effective than using campaigns on a standalone basis. For example, using a print ad along with giveaways such as custom tablecloths, trade show table covers and promotional items is bound to generate greater customer engagement than in isolation.

Historically, traditional forms of marketing have achieved very high rates of success. However, these rates are now plummeting and combinations with digital media are gaining eminence.

Digital media is new, but can provide a company with maximum exposure to a large base of customers at minimal cost. Social media or email lists can also provide a more measurable form of evaluating impact and marketing spend. The combined benefits can be used to compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

While modern ad campaigns are more attractive, they shouldn’t be used to entirely replace traditional marketing. As a growing business, you can have a combination to attract the right target audience.

Not sure how this may skyrocket your sales?

Let’s find out!

Integrating Active with Passive Makes A Lot Of Sense

Traditional marketing is passive, while digital marketing allows for a more active engagement of the target audience. Both of these can help a company achieve its desired objectives.

Television and print media can beckon to the audience and ask them to look for further action on a website or a ‘call to action.’

For example, Coca-Cola launched its Share a Coke campaign and incorporated bonuses online. This allowed customers to find their names and those of friends on bottles. Using hashtags, customers would share posts on social media, thereby leading to a lot of activity online on Twitter.

Using Multiple Channels Is The Next Big Thing

Using both digital and conventional media allows you to spread your marketing message across various channels. Some media outlets work better than others; for example, the younger generation is considered to be more tech-savvy.

McDonald’s uses multiple channels to market to customers. It utilizes both billboard and print ads, but also has a strong online presence through social media. In this manner, all kinds of customers are reached out to.

Customers Love A More Personal Approach

Traditional marketing reaches a wider target audience, while digital media can be used to build meaningful relationships with customers who are more relevant. For example, the company, Anthropologie, sends out monthly catalogs for clothing which point back to their website.

The company also has a very successful Instagram account of over 1.2 million followers where customers can engage with them. Sales, promotions, and DIYs are announced via Instagram.

Indeed, using digital media in this manner allows Anthropologie to get their customers more involved in the brand and the values that they promote. This is an effective way to leverage your brand to the maximum, all the while keeping it personal and more engaging for your customers.

What’s Next?

These are just three ways in which you can tailor your marketing content, and use the right mix of conventional and digital media. If you’re not using both types of marketing, then you may not be attracting all of your potential customers.

Is it the first time you’ll be combining traditional and modern marketing tactics together? If yes, don’t worry because there’s always a first time. Following this marketing trend is worthwhile since your competitors might be already doing it. Give it a try and see your profits soar!