Octave Mandolin VS Irish Bouzouki

The enormously rewarding skill is to learn to play a musical instrument. All the famous, well known as well as expert musicians in this world struggle with a plenty of skills before their popularity. And if you want to be an expert musician or want to fill yourself with music talent then you have to choose that musical instrument which is exactly suited with your needs as well as with your skills or talent. There are a plenty of musical instruments in this music world and you have to choose a right one which exactly suits with your talent. It doesn’t matter how old are you and which musical instrument you want to play. You don’t even have to spend a very huge amount as a beginner you just have to spent a very few investments on a beginner instrument, find some easiest resources for learning and just start it. There are a plenty of musical instruments can learn to play. However, it’s not a simple task to learn them, the most essential thing is that a lot of absolute “dedication” and “spirituality” is require to get you into the right playing skills.

Octave mandolin and Irish bouzouki are two most popular musical instruments in the music world. Mandolin and bouzouki both are string musical instruments being used by different musicians in the overall world in different music concerts and cultures. When you are looking to get an octave mandolin or Irish bouzouki, you have to be very careful as well as choose that inspires you to play. Here is a comparison between Octave Mandolin and Irish Bouzouki that might help you when you are going to choose form them. Let’s take a look at both instruments:

Octave Mandolin

A mandolin is a string musical instrument, belongs to the lute family. Mandolin emerges in Italy at the end of 17th century. The melodious sound of mandolin was produced when the strings plucked with a plectrum. The octave mandolin uses a combination of 4 strings which are pair together such as G, D, A, E. usually the size of octave mandolin is smaller than mandocello but immense than a mandola. The manufacturing process of octave mandolin is similar to the other instruments in mandolin family. The sound of these instruments is distinct to other instruments. The tuning of octave mandolin is same like a mandolin such as understood by its name such tuned sequence is G, D, A, and E from low to higher strings. Normally for a Celtic musicians the alternative tuning of G, D, A, and D is A, D, A and D.   Shape of octave mandolin is smaller than Irish bouzouki such as the length of its neck is smaller than the Irish bouzouki that’s the major reason that distinguishes between the sound of octave mandolin and an Irish bouzouki.

For a player who wants an instrument with a sweet melodious sound than mandolins are definitely well suited for you. However, if you choose a mandolin that is consists of the steel strings such as the steel strings that is mostly used in guitar will be an excellent choice for you. Steal strings are also called ball end strings and usually prefer because that gives you options to choose from a range of sting while you are playing the mandolin. Octave mandolins are not only perfect for their melodious sound as well as rhythms but also for their portable size. For a player who is travel and music lover both, can choose mandolin. The portability of a mandolin makes it easier to carry while traveling which makes it more essential for a traveling player or musicians who have to attend some music concerts. Furthermore, being a mandolin player you are not only learning to play the mandolin but also familiar with the basic playing rules of the violin. Because the fingering styles to play mandolin and violin are similar. Mostly the songs or music that is written for the violin can be easily converted to the mandolin.

Irish bouzouki

Like a mandolin Irish bouzouki is also a string musical instrument. The alteration of the Greek bouzouki is Irish bouzouki. In 1960 the Celtic musicians make this change and in conclusion, several manufacturers start constructed Irish bouzouki. The tuning of Irish bouzouki is usually lower one octave than the mandolin.  Over the past 20 years, bouzouki has become one of the well-known musical instrument in the music world. Normally bouzouki consists of 8 strings and the length of scales varies from 24 to 25 inches. And its standard tuning is G2, D3, A3, and D4. This tuning is closer to the guitar tuning such as C, F, A and D that sequence is normally used in the Modern Greek chords and extremely well suited for the Irish traditional music.

Learning Approaches to Octave Mandolin VS Irish Bouzouki

The most fundamental part after choosing an instrument is learning how to hold the instrument as well as how to tune the instrument in the correct way.  To begin with, you have to start learning with easy tunes, songs and flowed simples chords and considered the rhythms. You can learn from the variety of approaches such as join a music school; can hire a music teacher, can read tutorials form different websites or can take different tutorials from YouTube. But the precise approach for every beginner learner is varying from player to player.  Learning method can be changed but the learning approaches or resources form every student are same either he is an octave mandolin player or Irish Bouzouki payer.

Furthermore, you can choose the best instrument according to your choice such as octave mandolin are not very common in music genres but are available in a variety of musical instruments stores. For more guidance about both the instruments, you can read the above article that might help you when you are going to choose an instrument from an Octave Mandolin or Irish Bouzouki.