How Can Custom Box Printing Help Businesses Succeed

From shop to product delivery, highlighting the brand in every step of the purchase process is an excellent approach to spreading your business’s identity to potential customers. An effective way to do so is through custom box printing. As the name suggests, custom box printing involves designing boxes to make them more attractive.

Luxury packaging with printed logos, colors, and other brand-related designs is often significantly more attractive than plain cardboard boxes. Customized boxes are an extension of your business name. Using them to ship out products gives new and existing buyers a memorable experience with your enterprise.

Moreover, packaging industry trends point toward customized boxes. Companies look for new and better ways to incorporate their brand identity into the buyer’s journey, including packaging personalization and sustainability. As such, you can expect custom box printing to soon be necessary for maintaining competitiveness.

Are you looking to boost brand visibility and customer engagement? This article can help you leverage custom box printing to achieve this goal. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Custom Box Printing

Custom box printing does more than make packages look appealing. Here are other ways it can benefit your business.

  • Unique brand identity

Businesses need solid customer loyalty to thrive. In fact, Salsify reports that 46% of American consumers are willing to pay more for a brand they trust. A high-quality, custom-printed box can help establish customer support by setting your business up as a valuable enterprise, letting buyers know they can trust your product standards.

  • Increased product safety

Custom-printed boxes protect goods better than plastic bags and envelopes. Boxes are generally thicker and more rigid than other packaging options, minimizing the chances of tears, punctures, and compression during transportation. You can also add cushioning material, like bubble wrap and foam, to absorb shock and organize products inside the container.

  • Improved customer experience

A custom-printed box with your business name, logo, and colors makes your brand more memorable to customers, especially new ones. It creates a sense of perceived value. You can show your buyers that your products are more valuable than competitors that use plain packaging boxes. 

Moreover, customized boxes let you personalize each buyer’s package. This personalized packaging gives them a memorable experience from the moment they receive it until they repurpose or throw it out.

  • Cost-effective marketing

Custom-printed boxes also serve as a marketing tool since their design advertises your brand to buyers and everyone else who sees it. They’re also pretty affordable, especially if you order them in bulk. Additionally, customized boxes are an inexpensive marketing instrument, making them particularly valuable to small businesses and startups with minimal marketing budgets.

How to Choose the Right Custom Box Printing Service

Customized box printing can up your brand’s image. However, the quality of the box’s print matters. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect printing service to maximize the benefits of customized packaging.

  • Quality of materials

Identify what type of packaging material the printing service uses. For instance, consider asking the printing company how many layers they use if they work with corrugated cardboard. A triple-layer board is thick and rigid, ideal for large and heavy goods.

Also, consider choosing a printing company offering weather-proof packaging, which is helpful if you sell paper, electronics, or perishable goods.

More than product protection, packaging quality may also affect perceived value. High-quality boxes give your products a premium feel even if you’re selling in an oversaturated market. This way, you can make your business more appealing to customers.

  • Sustainability options

Sustainability is essential in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. So, more companies opt for sustainable boxes. Using biodegradable packaging and natural ink minimizes your packages’ environmental impact since it limits synthetic packaging like bubble wraps, foam, and packing peanuts.

Printing services offering circular packaging solutions can boost your brand’s sustainability and image, especially as society becomes more critical of companies using unsustainable containers.

  • Design capabilities

Consider the kinds of designs the printing service is capable of making. Some only offer basic logo printing. Others can process more intricate compositions, like embossed lettering and specialized printing. Your chosen design significantly impacts your goals, so pick a service that delivers your needs effectively.

Remember, your packaging is also a marketing tool. A service allowing six sides-printing lets you leverage the entire box for images, testimonies, contact information, and other promotional content. 

  • Customization options

Another benefit of custom box printing is that it gives your business an edge over competitors. But to gain this benefit, you must pick a printing service that thinks outside the box and produces results that will make you stand out. In turn, you can give customers a memorable experience with your packaging.

Imagine you’re selling milk-based candies. In this situation, your best bet is to choose a service that can develop milk carton-like boxes. This way, you can help customers associate your product with its main ingredient. Regardless of design difficulty, a good printer can customize packages to your liking and help you reach your packaging objectives.

  • Turnaround time

Time is essential when working in retail. You must be able to deliver goods to customers as soon as possible, so pick a printing service that will do the same for you. You won’t want to resort to plain cardboard boxes after you’ve run out of custom packaging because the printer failed to deliver on time.

Turnaround time depends on your order amount and design complexity. Your custom packaging may take time to deliver. However, what’s important is that the service adheres to a strict delivery timeline and notifies you about any delays and other scheduling issues. In turn, you can continuously ship products without worrying about packaging shortages.

  • Cost

Custom box printing is generally more costly than plain cardboard boxes. However, that doesn’t mean it should be worth gold. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a printing company offering a reasonable price for the type of products and services they offer.

Consider your finances as well. Specialized designs like full-box printing and embossed lettering cost more than a simple logo. As such, determine what type of printing meets your needs and budget allowance to give customers a memorable unboxing experience without breaking the bank.

Creating Memorable Experience

Even though packaging boxes aren’t something customers keep for a long time, it’s still a vital consideration when delivering goods. Custom-printed boxes give your business a unique brand identity while serving as an excellent and cost-effective marketing tool.

Moreover, the level of personalization of customized packaging leaves customers with a memorable unboxing experience. They’ll be more receptive to your brand. In turn, you can gain potential buyers who can quickly identify your business with one glance at your box.


Adam Peek is a father of 5, husband of 1. He is also the host of the People of Packaging podcast and a VP at Meyers Printing. His passion for changing the world has also led him to be a sustainability consultant, sales trainer, global keynote speaker/preacher, soon to be Children’s Book author…and a part time rapper.