Top Health Claims From The New Coca-Cola Lawsuit

Coca-Cola is being sued yet again this time by a health advocacy group called the Praxis Project. The lawsuit also involves the American Beverages Association. The health advocacy group is suing the company for what it termed as a consistent pattern of consumer deception. The Praxis Project has said that Coca-Cola together with the American Association Of Beverages have both lied to the public regarding scientific research about the link between soda and health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

The organization is looking to have the courts force Coca-Cola in releasing files about any scientific research regarding the effects of soda on health, provide funding for a global campaign aimed at providing mass awareness on the dangers of drinking soda, and also retract and stop the “deceptive advertising it has been running thus far”. So, what are some of the top health claims from Coca-Cola in this new lawsuit? Let’s break them down for you:

There Is No Scientific Evidence That Connects Sugary Drinks With Obesity

Soda Contributes To Just 2% of All Calories In A Normal Diet

As much as this could be true, the issue for most people is not the calorie intake but the sugary nature of the drinks. Excess sugar in any diet is not ideal and to suggest that just because of Coca-Cola contributes a small percentage of the calories then the drink is safe is really not convincing.

Coca-Cola Is A Normal Snack Like Any Other 

The Praxis Project has also taken issue with this cavalier approach in describing what Coca-Cola is and what it does. Even though you can argue it’s a snack in its own right, some may say that there are healthy and unhealthy snacks.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight Is About Exercise

The Coca-Cola Company is quoted saying that consumers of soft drinks can easily burn off the calories if they are active. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much soda you drink, as long as you exercise then you have nothing to worry about.

Consuming Any Form of Sugar Cannot Lead To Diabetes Or Insulin Resistance

Hard to believe this one since, like many of these claims, Coca-Cola has not yet shown clear evidence to support them. The lawsuit will likely force the company to bring this information to the public for more scrutiny.

Drinking soda is something so common. It’s not the first time that coca cola is facing legal trouble directed towards its beverages and it won’t also be the last. But, are there any side effects? If indeed there is scientific proof that shows drinking soda is not bad, where is it? Hopefully, the lawsuit will answer these questions.