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Keeping your kids engaged during the holidays can tough. Kids sometimes can get bored and will dig up activities that may or may not be the best for them. Plus, the holiday season also gives the parents and children a chance to bond with each other, which you should not miss.

Our lives have become busy lately, and we are not as involved in our children’s lives as we should be.  With the holidays around the corner, plan some activities and fun things to do with your children.

There are games, crafts, and projects that are suitable for kids and you can choose whatever you want! Have a look at some activities to do with your children this holiday season.

  • Scooting

Who does not love scooting? You can scoot around in the neighborhood, and it is super fun as well.  Plan a fixed time daily where you can go scooting with your children and you will definitely have a great time. A scooter may not be as fun as an Electric scooter though.

Electric scooters just make your experience so much better, and you do not have to worry about anything. Go here to check out the best electric scooters of all-time.

  • Game Night

If you have played a game with your friends, you will know how fun game nights are.

Consider picking some old favorite game, and if you do not have one, there are some many incredible ones out there that you can get. You can play game nights every weekend, where you arrange all the snacks, and maybe even invite other friends over. There can be small gifts for the person who wins. It would be so much fun!

  • Karaoke

There would be hardly a person who hasn’t done karaoke in their life. Karaoke is one of the most famous things that people love to do, and kids are not any different. While karaoke’s availability also depends on the age of your child, doing it can still be a very amazing way to have some fun. You can gather all of your family together, decide that everyone is going to be kind in their reviews, and grab the mic and just go for it.

Whatever song you sing and whatever is your favorite, we assure you that it will be a night to remember for sure.


Aquariums, zoos, and museums can prove to be fun places where kids can go on trips. These places are suitable at any time of year, and for everyone, even when you are an adult, you still find these places fascinating. These places are not only fun to hang out in, but they are also very informative. You get to learn about animals and their habitats. In the museum, there is so much rich history that you can look forward to learning about.

If you live someplace that has a colder climate, an aquarium or museum trip would be more comfortable for you, as they are indoor places, but some zoos do put on special events during the holiday seasons to attract more visitors. In any situation, it would be great to spend quality sometime with your children.

  • Sledding Or Ice Skating

The best part about regions with colder climates is that you can go sledding and ice-skating any time you want. This is such a fun sport to do! If your city/town is blessed with snow this time of year, grab your sleds or toboggans and go out there. Sledding is something that never gets boring and is fun at any age.

You can go ice skating at some local rink if there is one nearby, and if you have a big group you can all grab hockey gear and play a game of ice hockey. Just make take some warm food and beverages along with you, so when you are done, you can have some snacks to warm up.

  • Join A Class

A class to learn creative arts or sports is a very productive way to spend the holidays because you will be learning something that not everyone does. Joining a class may sound boring after a break from school, but it is not some dry class we are referring to. There are many options other than the classes found in academia. Why not you learn something new with your children? That way you will be interacting at the same level. Try something truly unique, like Glass Blowing, Candy Making, and Indoor Skydiving.

  • Crafting session

A crafting session is a wonderful way to spark creativity and festive spirit in kids during the holiday season. Gather around a well-prepared crafting station with an array of colorful materials like construction paper, glue, scissors, and other embellishments. Engage the little ones in making delightful creations such as paper plate snowmen with googly eyes and buttons, charming pine cone ornaments painted in vibrant hues, or adorable handprint reindeer with red pom-pom noses.

Let their imaginations run wild as they bring their holiday-themed masterpieces to life. Crafting not only provides a platform for artistic expression but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and joy in creating something special together as a family. It’s a memorable and enjoyable activity that can become a cherished holiday tradition.

  • Visit a Local Winter Festival

Visiting a local winter festival is a festive and enchanting activity that brings joy to the entire family during the holiday season. These festivals often transform communities into magical wonderlands, adorned with twinkling lights, lively decorations, and an array of seasonal delights. Families can explore the charming stalls of holiday markets, indulge in delectable treats like hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts, and witness the dazzling spectacle of winter-themed performances. The air is filled with a contagious spirit of merriment as children delight in carnival rides or take part in engaging activities like ice skating and snowman-building contests. Whether it’s the cheerful music, the warm glow of fire pits, or the overall sense of community, a local winter festival creates lasting memories that capture the true essence of the holiday season.

  • Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A holiday scavenger hunt is an exhilarating and festive activity that adds an element of excitement to the season. Create a list of holiday-themed items, decorations, or even clues leading to hidden treasures around your home or neighborhood. Include items like a red ornament, a Santa hat, or a festive cookie cutter.

Divide the family into teams or work together as a unit to find all the items on the list. Consider incorporating seasonal riddles or clues to make the hunt more challenging and engaging. The joyous hunt not only promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills but also allows everyone to revel in the holiday spirit while discovering hidden gems and decorations. As laughter and camaraderie fill the air, a holiday scavenger hunt becomes a memorable and heartwarming tradition for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Indoor Fort Building

Indoor fort building is a cozy and imaginative activity that can turn a regular day into a magical adventure for kids. Gather blankets, pillows, cushions, and any available household items like chairs and tables to construct a secret hideaway.

Encourage the children to use their creativity in designing the fort, and consider adding strings of holiday lights to create a warm and enchanting atmosphere. Once the fort is built, it becomes a perfect space for storytelling, playing board games, or simply enjoying a quiet corner to read holiday books.

Indoor fort building not only stimulates creativity and teamwork but also provides a sense of comfort and togetherness during the holiday season, making it an ideal family activity for creating cherished memories.

  • Bake Holiday Treats

Baking holiday treats is a delightful and aromatic activity that brings families together in the spirit of the season.

Gather the little chefs in the kitchen and embark on a culinary adventure to create festive delights. From classic sugar cookies to gingerbread houses, the options are endless.

Allow the kids to get hands-on with rolling out dough, using cookie cutters, and decorating with colorful icing and sprinkles. The process not only imparts valuable cooking skills but also provides an opportunity for artistic expression and creativity. The sweet scent of baking fills the home with warmth and anticipation, creating a festive ambiance.

Baking holiday treats is not just about making delicious goodies but also about sharing the joy of creating something special together, making it a heartwarming and memorable family tradition.

Choose the activity that sounds the best, and start making those memories with your child!

About the Author:

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