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PDF is basically the formats which the individual prefers for securing the content of their document files. Sometimes PDF is preferred above document formats because if the user saves the text files as a document file, then there might be an issue when he sends to another individual. This is due to the format of the word file may not match with other individual’s personal computer or the software on whichever platform they are using.

This issue sometimes even happen with the image files also due to lack of colour grading, and contrast persist inside of the image file.

However, when an individual try saving the file in PDF format, they might not lose the format of the text file. This is because PDF captures all the elements inside the document and each page of the document is represented in an individual manner independent of the application software, hardware or operating system used in creating those document files. Thus for this purpose, a growing requirement of PDF editing software has increased.

PDF is not just used for saving files and editing, but several advanced tools also enable security by encrypting the documents of the files. An individual can also make changes even on the existing PDF files by editing and correcting the required sections.

The Best PDF Editing Software

There are big range of audience who need free PDF editing software; thus after researching on the internet, we came across with eleven best options that might help you in securing your documents.


SejdaSejda is a versatile free PDF editor that offers a convenient and user-friendly online platform for modifying and enhancing your PDF documents. With its array of features, Sejda empowers you to transform your PDFs according to your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to merge multiple PDF files into a single document or split a large PDF into smaller sections, Sejda provides a seamless solution. It allows you to effortlessly manipulate the content of your PDFs by adding or editing text, inserting images or links, and even removing unwanted elements.

One notable feature of Sejda is its ability to compress PDF files, enabling you to reduce the file size without compromising on quality. This can be particularly useful when sharing or storing PDFs with limited storage or bandwidth constraints.

Sejda also caters to the need for document security and privacy. You can apply watermarks to your PDFs to protect your intellectual property or add page numbers to organize your files effectively. Additionally, Sejda’s redaction feature allows you to conceal sensitive information within your PDFs, ensuring confidentiality when sharing documents.

Sejda is a web-based PDF editor that offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides a range of basic editing features, such as merging and splitting PDFs, compressing PDF files, adding or editing text, and rotating pages. It also supports features like watermarking, page numbering, and extracting pages.

Sejda Features:

  • PDF Merging: Seamlessly combine multiple PDF files into a single document.
  • PDF Splitting: Split large PDFs into smaller sections for easier management.
  • Text Editing: Add, modify, or delete text within your PDF documents.
  • Image and Link Insertion: Insert images or hyperlinks into your PDFs to enhance their content.
  • Page Rotation: Rotate pages to adjust their orientation as needed.
  • PDF Compression: Reduce the file size of PDFs while maintaining their quality.
  • Watermarking: Apply watermarks to your PDFs for branding, copyright protection, or identification purposes.
  • Page Numbering: Add page numbers to your PDFs for organization and reference.
  • Redaction: Conceal sensitive or confidential information within your PDFs to protect privacy.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Extract text from scanned PDFs or images, making the content editable and searchable.
  • Digital Signatures: Electronically sign PDF documents for authentication and legal purposes.
  • Form Filling: Fill out interactive PDF forms and save the changes.
  • Annotation Tools: Highlight, underline, or add comments and annotations to your PDFs.
  • PDF Conversion: Convert PDFs to other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or image files.
  • Secure Document Encryption: Protect your PDFs with password-based encryption to restrict access.


pdfelementPDFelement provides one of the best user-friendly interfaces to edit, convert and annotate PDF files. The PDF editing software comes with OCR technology that allows the user to edit PDF files from the scanning of the documents. The software also includes various other features like adding your own watermark or signature to the PDF forms. The PDF editing software is also renowned for its quality of work and performance deliverance.

Although there are limited features in the trial edition but if someone is looking for its best output and for professional purposes, then full version is best for them though it costs $99.95 in purchasing complete features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Documents security


  • Limited features in the free edition

Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XIIf you are looking to edit PDF files on a large scale for your large scale business then this PDF editing software is meant for you. Adobe Acrobat is the most user-friendly PDF editing software that you can witness as it provides all the basic tools for editing, conversion and security of the PDF files.

Apart from that, the software also compiles perfectly with word and image files as it allows easy conversion of PDF files from texts and image files. The software is meant purely for business purposes as it comes with a price of $299 for the full version edition.


  • Best for Large Scale Businesses
  • User-Friendly interface


  • The full version of the software is very expensive

Iskysoft PDF Editor

Iskysoft PDF EditorIn recent times the functioning of OCR has been given a huge priority as this was addressed through the development of this software. The most intriguing feature of this PDF editing tool was that it consists of OCR with multiple languages.

However, the software also provides a user-friendly interface that allows easy editing and conversion of document, image and pdf files. But sometimes this software also displays limited features and performance in its trial version. The cost of the pro version of this software is around $69.95. Also, OCR technology is only available in the pro version.


  • Provides a great bit of security and encryption to protect PDF documents
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Limited features in the free edition

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDFNuance Power PDF was also another PDF editing tool that has given a great priority to OCR technology. As the organization also made recent advancements regarding the technology by adding voice note recognition technology through which a user can save plenty of time.

This software also features various other aspects like encryption to PDF documents and adding signature and watermarks to image and word pdf files although most of these features are available in the full version which cost around $149, which make this software only recommended to large business organizations where PDF editing is one important aspect.


  • Voice Note Recognition Technology


  • Expensive
  • User Interface is not that friendly

Able Word

Able WordAs per as functioning of this software, it works much more different from other PDF editing tools as it works more like a word processor which allows the user to edit files like in word documents. This feature allows easy annotation and editing of the word PDF files.

The most important aspect of this PDF editing software is that it is completely free of usage and it can also edit documents online which saves lots of time. For any individual who is looking to edit PDF document or convert it for a temporary basis, this is the best PDF editing software for them.


  • Support features of Microsoft Word


  • The output file from this software may not be of high quality

PDF – Xchange Editor

PDF - Xchange EditorThis PDF editing software focuses mainly on the image editing route for the PDF documents. The software comes with various tools that allow the user to add free shapes and highlight all the important parts on the document to re-edit correctly.

Besides, the software also allows the user to save their file in various places like they can also save their pdf edited document in the cloud storage. However, the only issue we face while using this software is only the limited features it provides in the free trial. The cost of the full version is $54.5.


  • Highlight all the forms and fields
  • Cloud storage facility


  • Limited Features in the free edition

FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor

FormSwift's Free PDF EditorIf you are looking for one of the simplest free PDF editing software then perhaps FormSwift PDF editor is best for you. It has got a really simple user interface that allows users to edit easily and convert PDF document to any other type without any issues.

The processing is as simple as uploading PDF files to the website. However, the user always interacts with the complete edition instead of focusing precisely on the limited aspect of the software which makes this software is one of the best free PDF editing software.


  • Easy typing, drawing, erase texts and watermarks


  • Cannot edit existing texts
  • Doesn’t come with OCR technology


The functioning of the Inkscape is unlike other PDF editing soft wares. The prime focus of this software is more oriented towards graphics editing as it provides various tools for image editing, manipulating and designing of the graphics. The amount of tools that consist inside of the software resembles quite like of Adobe Photoshop although the number of tools is easy to access with Inkscape PDF editing software. Moreover, the software also consists of tools which can provide easy editing of the text files and conversion of those documents. But being completely free software is the most appealing aspect.


  • Manipulating graphics and texts are really easy with this software
  • OCR technology is also available with this software


  • Security issues

Smallpdf – Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf online PDF EditorThis is an online free PDF editing tool which enables a user to insert documents and edit them online. Smallpdf is a mix bag edition of image and text editing tools which allows the user to import shape and image with much ease of access.

Hence, the user can also add white space to the texts and use the eraser tools to remove the certain undesired part of the documents which may include texts or watermarks. The free online editing software allows the user to easily edit, annotate and convert the required image or word document into the required PDF form.


  • Easy to use and easy interpretation
  • Adding white space over the areas you want to erase


  • It takes a long time to edit, assemble and convert the document and completely depends on the quality of the internet server
  • Lack of OCR feature


PDFescapePDFescape is an exclusive edition PDF editing software as it is available only for limited amount of time, but another aspect of this software that a user can also purchase this software for a month or two just by paying $8.99 per month.

The software can work as both online and standalone version on Microsoft Windows. The software comes with three versions, and only the pro version of this software can convert a word or image document into the PDF form. The friendly user interface provides the user with an ample amount of tools to give a proper definition to their desired file.


  • Downloading PDF files are really easy
  • User Interface


  • Missing out on lots of features on other versions except for pro edition
  • OCR feature is not available in any of the versions

PDF Buddy

PDF BuddyPDF Buddy is a simple online PDF editing software which provides results free of costs. It provides all the basic useful tools for editing and conversion of the files. Although the software lacks certain areas of annotation of the file formats but still being free to use it is a decent tool for individuals who are editing PDF files and converting them to other formats temporarily.


  • Uploading and Converting is easy
  • Friendly User Interface


  • Very Limited Features

Every individual or organization has a different set of requirements. If your organization is in great need of securing and editing the existing files without creating any patch marks on the files then, in my opinion, PDFelement is best for you.

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For large businesses, Adobe Acrobat since it features some more advanced tools and the task performed is much cleaner than all the other tools. If you are looking for a temporary basis as an individual then perhaps Formswift Free PDF editor is the best option for you.