Content Marketing

Every marketing channel is incomplete without content. It’s being used for centuries, and it always brings results. Today, content marketers are paid more than any other digital marketer. There is plenty of learning material online, and seniors have shared their experience on their blogs. However, even the most experienced professionals sometimes make minor mistakes that they didn’t know could make a big difference. Here I have shared some of those most common mistakes that every content marketer needs to avoid.

Not Taking Help in Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best content marketing tactics that get you backlinks, offer a wide exposure to your brand, and redirect qualified leads to your website. Many professionals try to publish guest posts of their clients all by themselves. The guest posting is not just about writing content. You have to find and filter the most relevant websites, make a deal with them, and then write and send the article for publishing.

This is a very time-consuming process, and there are usually dozens of guest posts to be published within a week or two. Instead of doing it all yourself, visit and take their help to complete your projects on time. They have outreach professionals and a wide network of bloggers of all niche, DA, and traffic. They can get your job of weeks done within a few days. You can write and submit your own articles or have their content experts write them for you. This ensures you get each project done before time and focus on planning where your true expertise lie.

Not Creating Audience Persona

It takes some time, but it’s worth it. Only the most experienced content marketers use this practice to deliver the best of content. You can also provide that level of service simply by creating an audience persona. It contains all information about your target audience, which enables you to create content that is more engaging and convincing. You can come up with better arguments and use the right flow and language when you know who you are writing for.

Not Recording the Results of Each Article

Recording the performance of a website isn’t the job of just an SEO expert. As a content marketer, you should know what’s working and what is not working. You get to learn about this by recording how each published article performed. You should start with the Title and Meta Description to see the click-through rate on search engine result pages. If you see that people have been ignoring your result, it means that title and meta description need to change.

The next thing is to see if the visitor stayed on your page or left right away. Did he scroll down, spend some time, became a lead, shared his opinion in the comment section, and visited other pages of the website? Each piece of information will tell you a great deal about what needs to be changed.

Not Searching for Pain Points and Unique Selling Points

When you are writing to convince someone, you need to know what differentiates you from the crowd. No matter what you are selling, your audience is probably using or thinking about using someone else’s service. A simple message asking to choose you for no particular reason at all won’t get you any results.

How can you change that?

It’s simple. Ask the business owner these two questions.

  • What are the pain points of your target audience?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?

You may be able to find pain points of the audience by doing some research and brainstorming, but only the client can tell the USP of his business. Help them find answers to these questions to make your content more effective.

Not Using Infographics

Written articles are not the only form of content. Video and images are also content and frequently used for marketing purposes. One of the best forms of graphical content marketing is the use of infographics. They take some time and research to build, but that’s what makes them so attractive. They provide a lot of useful information in a quick view. That’s the reason they are known as linkable assets. People will share them and always give credit to its source.