Exploring The Benefits of Renewable Energy Health

Countries throughout the world are taking interest in helping reduce fossil fuel usage. One way they are doing this is by investing in renewable energy sources such as wind, rain, sunlight, waves, tides and geothermal heat.

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All of these resources are viable to the renewable energy movement, but the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is extremely difficult. Below, you will discover more information about renewable energy health.

Health Benefits :

The benefits of renewable energy are unlimited, including a reduction in the risk of lung cancer, asthmatic symptoms, allergies and memory loss. A study published in Nature Climate change on August 31, 2015, shows that renewable electricity projects “could have health benefits worth millions of dollars a year.” Fossil fuels power generation produces harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. All of these emissions are linked to chronic respiratory ailments.

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Stricter Laws :

Since scientists are linking fossil fuels to global warming and climate change, federal and state governments are taking it upon themselves to enforce stricter energy laws. These laws enforce energy companies to invest in a specific percentage of renewable energy each year. In the United States, energy companies are buying solar and wind power from farmers and businesses. These laws are great when it comes to clean energy, but not so much for the energy company. These companies are discovering that clean and dirty investors do not mix. In fact, they are like and oil and water and neither understands how the other works.

If energy companies do not obey these laws, they will be fined. Luckily, most of them are complying with the laws. A fine could lead to a federal lawsuit and you would need to hire a team of defense attorneys.

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Reduces Costs or Not? 

Solar and wind energy is less expensive than fossil fuels. In fact, electric companies can reduce their annual costs significantly, by investing in wind and solar power. In order for this to work, electric companies are forced to invest in solar, electric and wind charging stations, along with energy storage. These expenses can run up into the millions of dollars, but with the strict federal laws, there are no other options available.

 The money saved from the investment must first be applied to the additional expenses before they fall back onto the consumer. This could take years before these companies begin to see a profit from the transition, so consumers are put on the backburner.

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Growing Demand :

With the growing demand for renewable energy, electric companies are discovering that renewable energy technology cannot keep up. There is also the issue of solar companies reducing their workload, by shutting down part of their business. This creates major issues for the electric companies that are relying on large quantities of electricity to power the nation. However, tech companies and researchers are not giving, because they are working around the clock, trying to find a reasonable and reliable solution.

Energy companies are relying a large part on fossil fuels because it is capable of producing large quantities of electricity. More electric, solar and wind charging stations will need to be set up in the near future if the demand continues to grow.

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