Nasal Airway

Blocked nasal airway or stuffy nose is something that many of us would have suffered a lot of times. Many people go through this problem very often due to allergic reactions or low immunity. Nasal congestion occurs due to inflammation of the blood vessels present inside the nose. This inflammation usually occurs due to an allergic reaction. Some people also suffer from excessive mucus drainage along with a stuffy nose. You can continue reading the article to know more tips for blocked nasal airway relief.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

In the case of a stuffy nose, the mucus becomes very thick, and it gets stuck in the nose, which makes them feel congested. Therefore, ensure that you drink too much water to loosen the mucus as this will drain your sinuses. If you are the person who suffers from the common cold more often, you should have at least 13 cups of water. So, stay hydrated and relieve your blocked nose.

Go for a Decongestant

Decongestants are used to relieve the congestion that one suffers from by decreasing the swelling of blood vessels. They are the on-counter nasal drugs and sprays that will give sure blocked nasal airway relief. If the user is also suffering from pain, they can take antihistamines and painkillers.

Start Taking Menthol Lozenges

Menthol though, does not relieve the blocked nose, but it does make breathing easier. It can help in dealing with many other symptoms such as sore throat and cough. You can get the menthol lozenge from your nearby store.

Avoid Having Caffeine after 2 PM

Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in coffee, tea, and soda. It can boost your energy level whenever you feel low and leave you with a mild diuretic effect. And if you have trouble keeping yourself hydrated with liquids, and don’t want to do something that could contribute to increasing the mucus thickness, then avoid drinking caffeine.

Use a Humidifier for your Room

The humidifiers add moisture to the surroundings. Although they do not have shown many benefits, it does treat cold symptoms and make breathing easy. Also, dry air can continuously irritate the throat and nasal passages due to which they become very dry. In such cases, a humidifier helps in moisturizing nasal passages.

Take Steam or Hot Bath 

Along with refreshing, taking a long hot shower or sauna will help relieve your blocked nose. It is all due to steam that provides heat and moisture to help soothe the inflammation and make breathing easier. This will even help to remove mucus more quickly. Even though blocked nasal airway relief does not last long, you should have a hot bath or a shower as much as possible.

Proper Sleeping Position

A blocked nose may have a detrimental impact on your sleeping ability, and hence it is recommended that you keep changing your sleeping position to fix this problem. Lying down flat enables the build-up of mucus, aggravating a blocked nose problem, and interrupting your sleep. Thus, and get relief, one can lie on their backs and keep their head raised with an extra pillow.

Surgical Treatment

Many people have been suffering from chronic blocked nasal airway. For them, septoplasty, also known as septorhinoplasty, is the best option. They can get this surgical treatment done for getting permanent blocked nasal airway relief. The surgeons will remove the turbinates that block the nose or reshape the cartilage and bone if they have deviated.

These were a few tips that once can follow to get rid of the block nasal airway. You can also get in touch with the experts at Westside Face if your problem becomes severe and you require any surgical treatment.