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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today. It grew as a business app, and many companies today are looking for ways to utilize its features to promote their products. Nevertheless, it is still going strong as a social media app for private use. Whatever you are trying to achieve with Instagram, it is always a good idea to look into 3rd party apps that will provide additional functionalities and add more flexibility. One such app is Dumpor, and one of its best features is Dumpor Instagram Story Viewers. Let’s learn more about this and how to use it.

What are the key features of Dumpor?

As an online tool, Dumpor allows Instagram users to manage their Instagram story viewers fully. You can use it to see a list of everyone who saw your stories and leverage that data to analyze engagement rates and follower growth.

Another amazing functionality is to download photos and videos from Instagram. And it includes private accounts as well. This was not possible before, but now we can use this 3rd party tool to get even more control over our profile.

It has a straightforward and easy-to-use UI, and you can use it to access both personal and business accounts. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful analytics tool for anyone who wants to improve their online presence.

Before proceeding any further, it is important to say that you should use this app responsibly. Instagram is trying to do its best to protect the data integrity of its users.

Just because this 3rd party app allows you to override some of its limitations does not mean you should misuse it. Make sure to review Instagram’s terms of service to ensure you are complying with them.

How to use Dumpor?

As we mentioned before, Dumpor is simple to use. We will provide a detailed guide on how to make the best out of this tool.

First, you will need to download the app. It is available for both iOS and Android, so find it on App Store or Google Play Store.

The next step is to use it to sign in to your Instagram account with the existing username and password. That is how you will gain access to a detailed list of recent stories you posted.

Now just tap on the story you want to review, and it will display each person’s name, picture, and the date when they viewed your story. As an additional feature, you can tell how many times they viewed your story and if they took screenshots.

Furthermore, you can tap on each person’s name and look at more detailed analytics regarding their profile, such as likes, comments, etc. This is an excellent feature because it allows you to learn more about the people looking at your stories.

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You can access your stories from the Analytics tab if you want a more general view. Here it will display a couple of the most crucial metrics, such as:

  • Total number of views per story
  • The number of screenshots across all stories

If you feel like someone is violating your privacy by intentionally going against Instagram’s terms of use, you can use this app to find out and report them. 

Additional features and benefits of Dumpor

To better understand the benefits of Dumpor Instagram Story Viewers, it is crucial to take a more detailed look into its features. The idea is to understand all the benefits and utilize the app in the most efficient way.

Detailed engagement statistics

A very cool feature is that you can find out how many viewers your stories had and how much time they spent watching the stories. This is very crucial for managing the engagement rate. Analyze stories with the most view time to understand why they are so successful and how to use that information to generate more likes.

Learn more about the engagement rate on your Instagram account.

Keep track of multiple stories simultaneously

To use Dumpor quickly and efficiently, you should look at multiple stories at the same time. This fantastic feature provides engagement metrics for multiple posts and substantially saves time. If you manage a dynamic and engaging social media profile, the more time you save, the better.

Choose between Free and premium versions

As with every app, Dumpor also has a free and premium plan. If you go for the free plan, you will only get access to a limited set of features. This includes a cap on the number of people who viewed your profile and the number of stories you can track.

With the premium version, you can track up to 100 viewers and also access a detailed analytics dashboard. Try the free plan first and see if it has enough functionalities for your needs. Only switch to the premium version if you find Dumpor useful and want to grow your account.

Download Instagram stories

Ultimately, we must mention that Dumpor also allows you to download other people’s Instagram stories, photos, or videos. While logged in to your Instagram profile, you simply need to navigate to the post you want to download and click on the three dots in the corner to copy the link.

Then, switch to Dumpor, paste the link into the Download field, and tap Download. Once it’s complete, you will find the story in your Camera Roll.

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While this sounds very enticing, please make sure that you are responsibly using Dumpor. Just like how someone may be violating your account by taking screenshots, that’s how you can also download people’s posts without their consent. Our advice is only to use Dumpor to ensure the safety of your account.

Dumpor Instagram Story Viewers explained

And there you have it! That is everything you need to know about Dumpor Instagram Story Viewers. We hope that this complete review provides enough information to use this app in the most efficient way. Be responsible with its use, and ensure the growth of your account.

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