Discover DIY Perfumes which Can Make You Smell Wonderful

Since I was a child, I was quite fascinated by the fragrance of perfumes. The aroma and the clear fragrance of the perfumes just made me want more than the usual. Thus, in my experimental childhood days, I tried lots of different perfumes, where each one was truly better than the other.

With Perfumes being a part of my beautiful childhood memory, I came up with a question of “Can I Make My Own Perfume?” Well, the question was truly amazing so were the answers. Right now traveling on the Fast-Track Mode, after a series of mistakes and learning from them, I have become a master at it.

Hola! Folks, if you are the one who wants’ to make their own DIY Perfume, you have landed in the right place.

Before starting the awesome journey of making your own DIY Perfume, I want to say something important. In the modern day world, the availability of ready-made perfumes is rising as everyone wants to smell and feel good, right? But, still, there is something more wrong and fishy with those perfumes.

No, I am not saying that every ready-made perfume is bad but some of them can be disastrous for our health. So, what you can do? Well, get ready as we are going to jump into a whole new world of creativity.

How to Make Your Own Perfume At Home

Talking about the most available perfumes, they are the mixture of some fragrance oils along with the alcohol base. Further, you will get some of the base fragrances and other varieties available in the market. Still sounding good, Right? But, the reality is far away from this.

After some time, the alcohol truly changes its composition and the whole balance with oils, vanishes. I myself tested these perfumes and they did not smell the same, after some time.

On a more serious note, some of the readily available perfumes can cause allergies and illness in the latter stages.

However, with my guide to the rescue, you don’t need to worry even for a second. Reason? After testing and making my own DIY Perfumes, I have come up with a masterpiece recipe. But, the main key here is to find the perfect ratio of each oil and by experimenting every now and then.

My recommendation: As per my word of advice, I would suggest you add a few drops of oil each time. Afterward, you can keep a note of each drop added to a small journal for your future remembrance.

After experimenting with every drop of oil, I am sure you will find the perfect blend. And guess what, once you have found the perfect blend, you can duplicate it and Boom! You have made it.

Well, spanning throughout the article and discovering some marvelous information, we are about to uncover the amazing DIY perfume Recipe.

Exclusive DIY Perfume Recipe For You

For making your own DIY Perfumes, you will get different types of oil having different sets of the composition. But, to make your work easier, I have gathered some of the best Base Oils which are great in any case:

Base Oils:

  • Vanilla (I made use of 1 tsp homemade Vanilla extract)
  • Vetiver (4 Drops)
  • Ylang Ylang (3 Drops)
  • Sandlewood (4 Drops)
  • Frankincense (8 Drops)
  • Cedarwood (3 Drops)

Middle Tones:

  • Rose (6 Drops)
  • Lavender (10 Drops)
  • Geranium (8 Drops)
  • Blue Chamomile (3 Drops)

Top Notes

  • Wild Orange (3 Drops)
  • Bergamot (5 Drops)
  • Neroli (5 Drops)

Finally, the above fragrance is the best which worked like wonders for me. After the making of your own DIY Perfume, it will appear Blue-Green after adding three drops of blue chamomile. However, you can even omit this step if you want a more natural color perfume. You can look at creating these fragrances and make a perfume bottle. This can be your signature fragrance to gift people.

Wrapping Things Up

So, there you go. I hope you have gone through my own Special DIY Perfume recipe. And, made your mind to try out once, right? To be frank, the process is easy and you will love every inch of your DIY perfume making the journey.

Now you have got the recipe and God Gifted Creativity. Hence, move forward, spark a sense of creativity and spread your fragrance to infinite corners of this lovely nature-made environment.