How to Convert Your Real Estate Daytime Photos to Nighttime Images (1) (1)

With changing demands, several real estate buyers seek to see pictures of the property at different times of the day. To fulfill this, real estate businesses ask photographers to either get their property images clicked during the day or night. However, if clicking several images is not permissible, one can perform real estate photo editing and retouching to convert the daytime images into nighttime pictures. By letting prospective clients see the virtual images of the property at different times of the day, there is an increased chance of the deal being cracked.

Further, as a real estate agent, you know that one of the key selling points of your property is its nighttime appeal. Fortunately, there are expert day to night conversion services available that can help real estate owners with images that have been edited by professionals.

If you’re interested in learning more about converting your property images from daytime to nighttime mode, follow this write-up for some useful tips you should know for day-to-night conversions and the benefits of outsourcing this task to a professional agency.

How Can You Change a Daytime Shot into a Nighttime Shot?

A night-time shot can add great intrigue and impact to your real estate images. But, it’s important to know how to perform day-to-night conversion to get that perfect shot. The following points will tell you how to go about converting your shots. 

  • Darkening the Surrounding Areas

By darkening the surrounding areas, you can change a daytime shot of your real estate property into a nighttime shot. Decreasing exposure will create a dark sky area with less light, and decreasing temperature will produce a blue tint effect. This can help to create a more dramatic and realistic look for your real estate photos. 

  • Including a Graduated Filter

Gradually adding filters is another way to transform a daytime photograph into a nighttime one. For instance, you could add a graduated filter that slowly darkens the sky from blue at the top of the image to black at the bottom to create the appearance of a sunset occurring in your real estate photograph. To brighten or soften particular areas of an image, graduated filters can also be added.

  • Using a Radial Filter

A radial filter allows you to change the lighting in your real estate photo drastically by adding realistic lighting effects that can be scaled and positioned on different parts of the image. Increase the settings for Exposure, Contrast, and Highlights, then move the feather slider to +100, and you’ll achieve this effect easily. 

  • Duplicating Filters

If you’re looking for a creative way to add a bit of nighttime effect to your daylight real estate pictures, duplicate your filters. Copy and paste the radial filter onto another light source so that it can radiate as it would during the day. To get a more natural effect, the new filter needs to look like it’s overloading the other one, so they both produce a perfect glow together.

Aspects to Consider for Day-to-Night Conversions

You might experience that daytime shots do not have the same clarity and brightness as night-time photos. However, in order to get a great shot of nighttime scenes and make them look better in terms of color, contrast, and clarity, you need to consider the following aspects.

  • Sky Replacement 

When converting a photograph from day to night, the first change that must take place is sky replacement. Though photo shoots usually happen during the day, sometimes the use of brush tools and the technique of stitching a stock image of the night sky can get the job done. When performing sky replacement, always remember to lay a solid foundation. Clouds and heavenly bodies should come after so they can be added perfectly like they were intended to be.

  • Twilight Enhancement 

Most people like to see photos of properties that are set during twilight, which can help make them feel like the property will particularly be their ideal fit. To create this effect, realtors use different day-to-night conversion techniques with specific considerations for each individual. These factors may include increasing photostability and turning on extra lights in order to create a more somber feeling. 

  • Adding the Moon and Stars

To create a more dramatic and night-like look in your day-to-night shots, use the moon and stars filters. This can help to add a touch of luxury or give them a more whimsical feel. Adding these features can also help to create a more realistic look for your real estate photos.

  • Shadow Correction

Shadow correction is an important step in the day-to-night conversion process for your real estate photos. In daytime photography, shadows are often cast, and there is a need to remove these shadows and find artificial sources of light that might be casting them instead. To achieve a realistic look for day-to-night conversion, it is important to remove any shadow artifacts and find any artificial light sources that might be contributing to them. 

  • Color Correction

When it comes to converting a day real estate photograph into a nighttime photograph, color correction is an important step. In order to make the colors look consistent throughout, photo editors often use color-correcting software to adjust the colors in the photograph. This can be done manually by clicking on specific colors and adjusting their brightness levels, or it can be automated using software that does this automatically.

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  • HDR Photo Editing and Retouching

One of the most essential parts of real estate photography is HDR photo editing and retouching. When taking your photos at night, you’ll likely get a lot of varied exposures that can be stitched together to create a photo with views of the night sky and property visible from the other side. It’s also important to remove blemishes, spots, and imperfections. However, converting a daytime photo into an amazing night scene can be challenging. Nevertheless, with the help of professionals, who perform tasks like day-to-dusk conversion services, you can get better results and create stunning photos that look like they were clicked during the evening hours.

Achieve the Desired Images by Outsourcing to Professionals

Do you have a property that needs some sprucing up to sell? 

If so, then day-to-night conversion services are just the thing for you. If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your real estate photos, outsourcing is a great option. With professional photo editing on board, your listings will look more polished and professional than ever before. There are a number of benefits to using professional day-to-night conversion services in your real estate business.

  1. These services can help you save time and money. 
  2. They can help you stay organized and on top of your deadlines. 
  3. When you outsource, you achieve the desired images, and you’re guaranteed high-quality results that will meet or exceed your expectations. 
  4. They can keep you ahead of the competition by helping you convert your properties faster than your competitors.


Digital photography has made it possible for photographers to capture amazing photos at any time of the day or night, and as the real estate industry continues to grow, it’s important for agents to have amazing photos that will help sell properties. Real estate owners who are looking for photos that are shot at a different time, or those who want to improve the view quality of their photos, should consider using day-to-dusk or day-to-night conversion to make their real estate photos look the best. 

With the right day-to-night conversion, it is now possible to turn any standard photograph into a stunning visual representation of your property. Whether you want to add evening touches or daytime vibrancy, seeking to outsource day to dusk conversion services will help you achieve the perfect look for your listing at an affordable price and within a quick turnaround time. So if you’re ready to take your real estate photography skills up a notch, get in touch with expert agencies providing day-to-night real estate photo conversion services.