Taking Your Engineering Degree to the Next Level with an In-Demand Career

Everyone knows that most engineering degrees are some of the highest paid individuals in the workforce. With an engineering degree, you open yourself up to several different job types within that particular profession, and more. The big-booming careers are taking place in the technology and green building sectors.

Here are just a few engineering degrees that are leaning toward having a promising and prosperous future.


Have you ever dreamed of being an architect? Did you grow up drawing pictures of buildings and houses? If so, a career as an architectural engineer might be for you. In order to be an architect, you’ll need to obtain your degree in architectural engineering. This is typically a 4-year degree from an accredited college university that focuses on the application of advanced technology and engineering principles pertaining to construction practices and building design. With this career you can go from working in an office designing new structures to working with contractors, making sure that all facets of the design and construction process flow together seamlessly.

This career is gaining popularity and high demand salary as it advances toward incorporating green living technology into the building and design process. It also coincides with civil engineering, which specializes in the design and construction of roads, tunnels, airports and major infrastructures. Finding a job at a   civil engineering company in Missouri, or any state should be simple if you have the necessary education and experience.

Software Engineer

Today’s ever-growing dependence on technology, computers and automation has brought forth a rising demand for careers involving both engineering and technology. Software engineers incorporate their specialization in programming, analysis and implementation in order to develop various computer applications and functions that can be used in many industries and business transactions. This hefty job comes with a great deal of return, with the salary of a software engineer earning in the 6-figure mark. The opportunities with being able to code and apply software programming into different fields is a highly sought after skill. It’s not a surprise that many companies are willing to pay such a price for professionals. It’s definitely a secure career plan to pursue if you have a high proclivity for computers and tech.

Mechanical Engineer

Starting on your engineering schooling but not sure what type of field you want to go into yet? Consider mechanical engineering. This focuses on the design and mechanics of machines that are also inside of buildings, such as:

  • *Elevators
  • *Escalators
  • *Power walkways
  • *Stairways

The main focus of a mechanical engineer is creating and bringing to life power=producing machines such as internal combustion machines, gas and steam turbines and air conditioning systems—just to name a few. The possibilities are endless for advancement. Staying cutting edge and energy efficient is the best way to get the most out of a mechanical engineer degree.

Environmental Engineer

If you’re looking to expand your engineering career into helping or assisting with specific environmental issues, pursue the field of environmental engineering. An environmental engineer focuses mainly on:

  • *Soil science
  • *Chemistry and biology of environmental issues.
  • *Improving efforts in the recycling and waste industry.
  • *A focus on public health and sanitation.
  • *Air and water pollution resolution and prevention.

Their main focus is on the economic and social aspects of overall sustainability. If you’re looking to get into green living improvement and eco-friendly solutions, this may be a good career for you. It’s a growing industry because the need for improving soil and the environment is in top-demand. Finding new and innovative ways to cut down on greenhouse gasses as well as emissions is ever evolving. This is the type of career that seeks out newly educated innovators who can bring some new ideas to the table and carve out the path for a more sustainable future for all types of companies globally.


Another career that is rising to the top in the engineering field is a cartographer. A cartographer specializes in map making. But not just revamping outdated maps, it involves improving existing maps with more precise measurement and display. They work closely with IT companies in creating and generation applications of maps that use directions and distance as one of their main implements. With cloud-based tools, interactive maps and creating graphics for specific online applications, a specialist in this field requires an extensive degree in design and engineering. A cartographer not only requires precise mathematical and analytical skills, an eye for design is a must for this position. The more you can show a potential employer that you can bring a lot of innovative and creative designs to the table, the higher your salary will be. Building a portfolio that consists of new, cutting-edge map designs and accessories, is vital to be able to highlight your true skills. If you feel as if you can showcase your graphic design skills along with your creative expertise, you’ll find a rewarding career in this industry.

The best part about engineering is that you can go many different directions with your career. If you have a strong mechanical mind and excellent educational foundation, you should have no problem getting into an exceptional college. From there, tweak what your strengths and weaknesses are—that should help to narrow down what is the best career choice is for you.