Synthetic Grass

Have you known someone who has artificial turf in front of their home? This surface of synthetic fibres, which looks like natural grass, is becoming increasingly popular. Are you wondering why people prefer fake grass to the real one? There are many reasons. It’s more cost-effective, easier to maintain, and works everywhere, even where natural grass can’t grow. What’s more, it doesn’t need to be mowed a few times a month, which means that you can save lots of time. Sounds amazing? Well, it does.

Because of its massive popularity, a new profession of a synthetic grass installer has been recently in people’s good graces. Have you ever thought about such an occupation? Although it may sound a little bit odd, with such experience on your résumé, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd. Being good in your job, you may earn quite a lot, simultaneously acquiring some new knowledge and skills. In today’s world, even if you graduated from another university, but you can’t find your dream job, you should be ready to change jobs and adjust to the still developing job market and consumer needs. If there is a high demand for such services, why not try your luck in a new field? Reading this article, you’ll see why it’s profitable to become a synthetic grass installer.

Work outdoors

Are you fed up with being stuck behind the desk for 8 hours in a big corporation? Aren’t you satisfied with monotonous and daunting tasks that you have to tackle every day? Then, you definitely need some change. What kind of? Of course, for the better. It may be a new and up-and-coming profession of a synthetic grass installer. Such a person is never bored. They spend most of their time outside, assorting with nature. Can you imagine a better workplace?

Moreover, every day they visit different locations. Since artificial grass is usually put on large football fields, it creates an excellent opportunity of visiting many stadiums which you would never see otherwise. Such a lucky strike doesn’t happen often. So, if you are a great sports fan, you can combine business with pleasure. With a bit of luck, you can even encounter your favourite team or sportsperson. But private persons also opt for such a non-demanding solution in their gardens.

Expand your knowledge and skills from the synthetic turf industry

Moreover, if you’re interested in biology and gardening, this profession will allow you to significantly expand your knowledge and skills from the synthetic turf industry. Thanks to this job, you can find out that not all artificial grass is the same. There are different types of it, depending on the material. So, next time if you want to install such a lawn in your backyard or advise friends on what kind of fake grass they should choose, you’ll be the expert on that. Not everyone knows that there may be polypropylene, polythene and nylon grass. This choice is also crucial in terms of granulate materials that can be used to a particular type of grass. The infill granulate plays a decisive role in the whole artificial grass system. Remember, you don’t have to be a professional gardener to know all this. It’s enough if you become a synthetic grass installer.

Use the newest installation methods

Except for such biological knowledge, you can also acquire new technical skills, especially when it comes to installation methods. First of all, if you have never done anything like that, don’t be scared! It’s nothing complicated. You can learn the ropes very quickly through different courses, which will make you a trained specialist. The method of installation should be again rightly adapted to the type of grass. The artificial grass carpet will look good only if properly installed. And you are the one responsible for that! Think about your client’s satisfaction and gratitude when they can see a good job done by you.

Obtain a certificate

However, before becoming a reliable grass installer, first, you should complete a course for certified turf installer. What does it give to you? Most of all, the foundation for your new job. It provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the landscape synthetic turf industry and separate you from the competition through a professional certificate that you can show to your clients. As a result, they’ll be more willing to hire somebody with some educational background than a layperson. It’s connected, in turn, with higher earnings, which are also the crucial element of this job.

Be distinctive on the job market

Finally, the last reason that should convince you to become an artificial grass installer, it’s the question of being distinctive on the job market. Only by having this quality, you can achieve something more than a good salary in the corporation where nobody recognises you since you’re just one of the crowd.

Because there are still only a few good companies offering the services of installing artificial grass, you might as well earn easy money in a relatively short period of time. It’s just enough to be switched and continuously spread your connections.

Summing up, the profession of a synthetic grass installer, still not widespread enough is a promising and flourishing industry for all those who enjoy going off the beaten track.