Our children become our most treasured responsibility and every parent will make it their goal to be able to provide the best for their children and ensure that they will have a bright future ahead of them.

Developmental psychologists have long advocated that earlier development is more important than later development and hence parents should be able to provide the best care, nurturance, nutrition and experiences in their younger years as this will significantly influence their adult life.

Children will thrive and reach their optimal growth and development in a supportive, caring, and controlled environment and this is what Daycare does provide.

Head Start

Head start refers to the concept of preparing young children for formal schooling. It involves having children master basic literacy and numeracy skills even before they go to kindergarten. The idea behind is that if young children start school with all those skills and knowledge they would be more able to learn complex information and skills rather than have to learn it from scratch.

When they have advanced skills then they can move on to more difficult skills and knowledge ahead of their peers, this would ensure that they will have better academic and school performance. This concept is also supported by research and it has been shown that a head start is indeed beneficial to young children.

Enrolling your child to a center like Daycare Marlborough provides your children with that needed head start.


A daycare center is a facility that provides toddlers and young children the nurturance, care and training that is age appropriate and will greatly improve their ability to cope with their changing world. Daycare centers are built on the principle that children need an engaged, present, supportive and loving environment for them to build the right and positive skills that would enable them to grow and develop.

Daycare centers also ease the parents’ need for nannies or caregivers that are difficult to come by and to say the least, expensive. Daycare centers allow parents to work without having to worry whether their children are being given the best care.

Does Your Child Need Daycare?

A young child who is allowed to explore his or her surroundings and gain successes in terms of learning and mastering life skills will be more able to grow and develop to their full potential. At a time when problem behavior among school age children are rampant and seems to be the norm, parents need to ensure that their children will grow up to be kind, compassionate, friendly and well-adjusted. Daycare centers aim to mold children to be happy, enthusiastic and confident, with these, children are more able to take on bigger challenges when they go to the first grade. Moreover, children do need physical and mental stimulation for them to gain cognitive and social skills, and they cannot do that if they do not have playmates, or teachers, both of which are offered at Daycare Marlborough.

Benefits of Daycare

Daycare centers provide the structure, routine and care that very young children need to grow and develop in the best way they could be.

Daycare centers provide a lot of love and care that a child really needs to develop his or her confidence and self-esteem.

At the same time, daycare centers allow children to build friendships and relationships that will aid in the child’s development of his or her sense of self, and understanding that interacting with other children means sharing, compromise and caring for others.

Daycare provides a structured daily routine, which can be beneficial for children’s sense of stability and predictability.

Daycare facilities allow parents to maintain their jobs or pursue other activities while knowing their children are in a safe and supervised environment. This support is particularly valuable for single parents or families with two working parents.

More so, daycare centers with its well-designed activities and group games teach children basic skills that are aimed to improve their language skills and mental abilities.

Knowing that your child is in a reputable and caring daycare facility can provide you with peace of mind, reducing stress and allowing you to focus better on your work or other responsibilities.

Most daycare centers have open curriculums that could be tailored fit to the individual personalities and learning styles of children.

Big or Small Daycare Center?

Parents are often made to choose between a big daycare center facility or a small home-based center, each of which provides the same learning and caring services but the difference is in the number of children enrolled and the personal relationships one have with the center’s staff and kids. Big daycare facilities have bigger classes or groups, and usually have varying age ranges, there are also facilities like gyms, play centers, libraries and others. But there is that notion that big daycare centers are a bit impersonal, and not every children will be given the same amount of care and attention with the sheer number of children enrolled in it. Small or home-based daycares do not have the same facilities as the big centers, but what they lack it is made up for the more involved and loving atmosphere that it has. With few children, the daycare parent will be able to really interact with each and build their emotional and social skills. The decision would really be up to the parent and the preference of the child, but if you could find a big daycare center with all the needed facilities and yet provide care and love just like the small daycares do.

How to Pick a Daycare Center

If you have decided that a daycare center is your best option for your child, then the next thing to do is to be able to choose which center you will enroll your child to.

First, think about the location, if you would want something close to your home or your place of work, either way it should be convenient for you and your child.

Second is to determine what the center offers, do they have playgrounds, gyms, music rooms, art class, the curriculum and others.

Third, talk to the children and the staff of the center, you can judge for yourself whether the teachers are engaging, friendly and nurturing. You can schedule a tour and observe classes, this would give you the information you need.

And lastly, ask about the policies on emergency situations, security, safety, health and first aid and academic assessment. Be sure to visit at least three centers so you could really weigh your options and what would be best for your child.