Five Things about Data Recovery Services

You are able to process data in a moment’s notice, this is all due to technology. You can easily access and process data within a fraction of a second. With heavy reliance on data, there are some loopholes where anything can go wrong and you may end up losing all your important data.

For businesses, it’s no different; data loss can have a devastating effect leading to financial loss, counterproductive operations, risk to sales, profitability, revenue etc. All this is a downside of technology which can impact both individuals and businesses.

As our dependency on data is growing with each passing day, therefore, the probability of data loss increases as well. Data Recovery Services has emerged as a significant technology to counter data loss thus making it one of the prominent fields in the digital domain.

Why Stellar Data Recovery Services?

To answer that, here are five things that you should know about Stellar Data Recovery Services and after going through it, you’ll know “why to obtain Stellar Data Recovery Services?”

  • Class 100 Clean Room:

Stellar Data Recovery has state-of-the-art ISO Certified Class 100 Clean Room which is a contaminant controlled environment necessary for opening the physical damaged hard drive and other storage devices. The temperature, humidity, pressure, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic interference, etc. is set to meet the recovery requirements.

As hard drives are delicate, therefore, exposure to external factors such as humidity, temperature, heat, pressure etc. can further damage the hard drive and the data stored on it. Simply put, a cleaner environment with Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters is being employed to ensure safe and secure data recovery.

  • Data Confidentiality:

Data Confidentiality and Data Integrity is also one of the common concern of customers. So, during the data recovery services, they ensure safety and confidentiality of customers’ data. From the moment you handover your storage media till the completion of the data recovery process, they ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Stellar, maintains consistency and accuracy throughout the process thus preventing unauthorized access, modification, and illicit use of the client’s information, etc. The Biometric controls are installed in their data recovery lab to ensure only authorized experts can enter the laboratory.

  • Efficient, Reliable Data Recovery:

Irrespective of the complexity of the problem, Stellar provides efficient and reliable data recovery services. They are capable of recovering data from a myriad of storage devices and portable media devices, within a specified time frame.

They maintains value their client’s time and the same is reflected in their data recovery services. With the help of data recovery experts and in-house developed utilities they completes the data recovery process faster. Stellar provides data recovery service for both logical and physical damage devices.

  • No Recovery, No Charge policy*:

They are a proponent of “No Recovery, No Charge*” policy i.e. they don’t charge their client until and unless successfully recover of customers specified data. They have a comprehensive pricing schedule providing all possible options and consultation, that allowing you to make the best possible decision. There are no hidden charges or special fees; hence, if they are unable to recover your specified data, then you won’t be charged.

  • Free Door-step Drive Pick Up:

Are you unable to access your data? No problem! Just request a call-back and their representatives will get in touch with you. They also provide free doorstep pick-up service for your media device. This saves you from the hassle of bring the affected drive to the branch.


It’s now easy to recover data effectively through data recovery services. As technology keeps on evolving, so does the data recovery approaches. There is more awareness of the importance and relevancy of data recovery services. There are several data recovery service providers but a few authentic ones. And Stellar Data Recovery Services deserves special mention. They are recovering data since 1993, and having 15 branches across India. Stellar, have served more than 2+ Million customers worldwide and the services available for both corporate and individual for all kind of data loss situations.

Trust and quality are what defines Stellar Data Recovery Services. It aims at delivering superior quality data recovery services and fulfils customers’ requirements. Thus when it comes to Data Recovery services, trust Stellar.