Content Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

It is true that content is the king but without marketing it’s nothing. Believe me, it is one of the best methods to generate natural backlinks for your website.

Content marketing is a crucial thing to handle. If a high-quality content can rank you high, then at the same time low-quality content can reduce website visibility. Misleading content also reduces your website audience.

It is found that millions of blog post are been published on a daily basis so it is very important for your content to stand-out in these million posts. To generate huge traffic on your blog you need to have the highest quality of content and correct marketing strategy in place.

Based on my personal experience, I would like to share here 5 common mistakes you cannot afford to make if you want to grow your website:

 Just assuming and not knowing the reality:

This is one of the most common mistake carried out by many content marketers. When you assume about your audience, you might miss the actual reality.

You may believe that your audience is interested in the “x” type of content and they might be interested too. But do you know if you post “y” type of content then they might be more interested?

If you want to engage your readers or audience, you should first conduct a proper research about them. This will help you know their interest areas so that you can post relatable content which will keep them engaged.

Also, it is of prime importance that you double check the facts & figures you post, as any false information can reduce your user engagement considerably.

For the content/interest research, you can use various tools, like “EpicBeat”, where you can search your own or your competitor’s website to know which content is popular.

Not choosing an attractive title for your content:

Never underestimate the value which the title of your content has. It is the very first thing which a reader notices and if it doesn’t sound attractive to him or her, then he or she will not read your post. No matter how good your content might be, but if it does not have a lucrative title; then you’ll miss a huge audience.

Make sure that you always choose the most attractive & relevant title according to your content. Also writing it in attractive fonts can make your heading attention seeker.

Following is my recommended title writing process that will help you write the effective title:

  1. A first and most important step is to answer yourself what actually your content is all about.
  2. Do keyword research to Identity keywords and phrases for your title
  3. Identify important aspects that you emphasize to add in your title
  4. Prepare a draft title on the basis of all above research
  5. Revise it and remove extra words in it.

 Believing that the quantity of content matters more than its quality:

I agree that long content tends to ranks higher on search engines but with that quality of content is also important. If you have lengthy content but with poor grammar or duplicate content then it won’t rank high. So be alert.

Please focus on creating high-quality content rather than huge quantity. Using keywords in a natural way is not bad for the post, but stuffing keywords meaninglessly would impact the other way around.

If the content is unnecessarily lengthy without giving any relevant information about the subject you are trying to convey, then it will irritate your audience and you may even lose some of your loyal readers.

Spend enough time in the research work before you start developing your content, so that you have enough information handy beforehand.

Ignoring media / visual content

Visual effects are of prime importance for any blog content. Avoiding it can result in lose a huge amount of visitors.

It is found that article with images/videos gets 94% more views in total. At the same time, it was found by Huffington post that articles with 1+ images lead to more amount of Facebook and Twitter shares.

Not just adding images or videos in the blog post but bloggers have started showing entire content graphically (called as Infographics). Infographics are graphic visual representations of information which nowadays are increasing tremendously. Following Graph from Neil Patel’s blog shows the increasing demand for an infographic. (

Neil Patel's blogAbove Graph from Neil Patel’s blog shows the increasing demand for infographic.

Infographics are liked and shared 3 times more than any other type of content.

You can add various types of visual content in your blog post such as photos, infographic, memes, presentations, screenshots, GIFs, videos, flowcharts, etc.

Ignoring the tracking of result from time to time:

 Tracking of results should be done at regular intervals as this will show you that whether your audience is interested in your content or not.

It will also help you know if there are any changes required in your content. Always keep a track of the comment section under your post because they are the honest reviews from your audiences. They can be utilized to improve your future content.

It is very important to reply each and every comment on your post, as this will help build a good relationship with your audience. Also, at the same time, it will increase your post’s crawl rate (as comments will bring fresh content on the page regularly) and that might impact positively on search engines.

If you have a busy schedule, plan a time interval at which you will monitor your post.


Content marketing seems to be an easy task but actually, it isn’t.

Above are 5 common mistakes which I personally believe you should not do while content marketing.

For best content marketing, here is my small checklist for you:

  1. Focus on quality content with a unique storyline
  2. Write attractive Title
  3. Use relevant media / visual graphics
  4. Add statistical data

And yes, don’t forget to share your content over social media channels once it has been published.

About the Author: Noel is an SEO expert who is focused on developing businesses to expand sales online through increased website traffic and conversions. He also likes to share his knowledge through his content and has written down many articles related to Digital Marketing.