As a parent, it must worry you to see your child on social media, chatting with people that he/she might not even be knowing. In this era where cyberbullying is so widespread, you might find that your child is being affected by what is being said about him/her on Facebook. This makes parents want to know the people that their kids are chatting with online. And cocospy is the app you need to track those Facebook messages that your kid has been sending to people that are total strangers to you.


But why do you need to spy on your kid’s Facebook messages?

As already mentioned, cyberbullying is on the increase. There have been instances when children, especially girls, have had to take their own lives due to what is said about them online.

We also have cases where teenagers have been hooked to drug abuse via online groups.

In most cases, teenage boys will want to link up with people who use these drugs without them even knowing what they are getting into. And before they even realize it, they might already be too deep into it that they might find it hard to get out.

Spying on your child’s Facebook messages can be the only way to stop your child from getting into the peer-pressure influence. As you might have noticed, many teenagers do weird things, and as a parent, you might not know where these children learn these things. While they may learn this behavior from other children, there is also a possibility that they are picking it from Facebook.

How can one spy Facebook messages using Cocospy?

Well, there are many tracking apps that can help you spy on your child Facebook account. But even then, none of them can beat cocospy. This application has millions of users across the world, and command lots of respect among its users.

Some of the notable users that have recommended this tracking app include PC World, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends as well as Life Wire. Let us now look at how one can spy on Facebook messages using the Facebook cocospy tracker app;

Step 1: Sign up for free

image2The first thing you will need to do for you to spy on someone’s Facebook messages is to sign up for an account on cocospy. This is usually free and will take you just a few minutes.

To sign up, you will need to have a functional email address given that you will get a confirmation message through the email. Also, you will have to put a password that you can remember since you will need it to access your cocospy account.

Step 2: Download the cocospy app

image1You will also need to install the app onto the target device for you to be able to track the activities of the person you are tracking. You will need to hide this application so that the person you are spying on doesn’t know about it.

Step 3: Start spying

Once you have an account, and you have installed the app on the target device, you are now ready to start spying Facebook messages on the target device. To review the messages, you will need to log into the cocospy dashboard. It is on the dashboard that you will be able to see the messages.

What makes this application best for Facebook spying?

It is fully silent

With cocospy, you can easily spy on someone without them ever knowing. This is because this tracking app allows the users to hide any icons on the target device. The app allows you to delete any links that might make the targeted person suspicious. This means that you can stealthily spy on someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing.

Conclusion :

There is every reason for one to get the cocospy tracking app to spy on Facebook messages for his kids, employees or even spouse. Other than tracking Facebook messages, you can also be able to track call logs, the location of a target device and also be able to geo-fence. Perhaps this is why cocospy is rated as the best spymaster in the world.