Best Ways AI is Changing the Educational Arena

Since the inception of institutional education, the mode of teaching has evolved tremendously. Whenever we talk about teaching, the idea of the traditional method wherein a human teacher is teaching the students pops up. Worldwide this method has been practised for a number of years and is regarded as one of the most sought after ways of teaching. But over the past few years, remarkable inventions are seen in the field of technology such as the invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has simplified human life on a large scale. It has minimized the scope of human efforts and brings out much more effective results as that of humans.

We find that applications of Artificial Intelligence are in multiple verticals.One of the most effective amalgamations of AI is that with the field of education. The education sector, be it of any nation is always in a dire need of such fruitful discoveries. Similarly, the idea of AI in education has been wholeheartedly accepted by a lot of countries including India. A majority of institutions in the country are now trying their best to involve AI more and more into their teaching practices. AI has turned out to be a sure shot solution, especially in the current situation of a pandemic where human involvement has been minimized in delivering the educational services.

Hence, the entire idea of education is now more flexible, effective, smart as well as accessible to a wide number of students with the application of AI into it. As a part of preventive measure and social distancing, the usual way of teaching has been abandoned and hence, students have now adopted the route of e-learning. Thus, AI has shone out like a knight in the shining armour due to which students are now able to access any class across the globe through their computers.

Let us now have a look at some points which elucidate the importance of AI in the field of education.

Simplifies the Role of Administration

Whenever students take up an examination whether online or offline, it is the duty of teachers to perform administrative duties and evaluate their profiles. As it is a daunting task it takes teachers quite a while to assess homework, test papers assignments, etc. which ultimately leads to delay to results. Often when the toughest exams in India take place, it usually takes a month or two to evaluate the result. But with the use of AI, we can reduce human labour in this task. Through Technology automated trading systems are being developed which evaluate the test papers and grade them accordingly. With this unique feature, teachers will now be able to devote more time in teaching the students.

Personalised Learning Experience

You might have come across various recommendations of movies or series while using Netflix. Similarly, AI equips you with the advantage of choosing your level of study or curriculum as per your interests. In the traditional method of a students half to match up to the level of a curriculum for course structure which is aligned as per the interest of maximum strength of the class, but learning through AI you can focus on getting a hold of the content which is slightly higher level than your usual syllabus or vice versa. Since you will be selecting the level of your choice you may come across questions, mock test papers, question banks, etc of your interest.

Global Access

The combination of AI with education has illuminated all sorts of geographical boundaries. As you only require a computer or laptop along with the internet, you are free to access any online class from any part of the world. You must judicially utilise the availability of this access and scroll through a variety of courses which will help you to frame a better career objective. You can go on to pursue a hobby or learn a new language. If you are already pursuing a course in any field you can take up some diploma level or certificate level course through which you can on the inside of a related field. For example- If you are pursuing a degree in marketing for a career in digital marketing, there is a lot of scope, as there is implementation of AI happening with digital marketing.

Modification of Content

The role of AI in education is not only just limited to the process of teaching, its presence can also be seen in the media of teaching. You may have come across a variety of topics which are not that greatly expressed in textbooks. Such topics often require a comprehensive diagram for a thorough understanding, hence, in such cases teaching through AI software will enable teachers to deliver the best to the students. Learning through video, audio, caricatures, documentaries, diagrams, graphs, etc create a better impression in students’ minds and hence, they will be able to retain better than the usual mode of teaching.

The unique combination of AI has now equipped the field of education with various advantageous elements and considering the importance of education in one’s life, it is important to grasp the best knowledge, so here are some of the best artificial intelligence courses in India for you to learn this stream.