What is Putlocker Today?

Putlocker site is among the top online streaming websites for web series and movies. It does not have the copyright to different series and movies for which it has been blocked in many countries like the UK. Still, a majority of fans use VPN to stream the website.

Why do You Need a VPN installation?

A number of shows and movies that you could watch on Putlocker sites are available illegally. You can be liable to legal issues depending on your local laws. You could be charged for Digital piracy and streaming copyrighted content without permission. Even if you just visit the website and open a video by mistake, you can be traced.

VPNs encrypt your computer’s data and manipulate your activity to be anonymous. So after installing VPN on your connection, you can now stream Putlocker on any of the following website and application without a problem of being traced.

How can Putlocker site get me legal issues?

Putlocker site has both types of content. The ones which are shared legally and then the ones which are shared illegally. Here violation of copyright laws could you in trouble for viewing them. In many cases of different countries like the US, UK and Australia previously has been taken down but still comes back.

Depending on your country laws, rules and regulations your streaming can be a trouble. A huge population globally stream without any problem but if traced you can get notices or fine sometimes.

Safe Method To Watch Online Movies:

Majority of following websites including Putlocker is illegal to stream and watch. This is the main reason why such websites are taken down many times. If you want to browse and watch on these you should definitely install a VPN.

VPN is Virtual Private Network which creates a safe passage to stream such websites and shows or movies without even getting traced. Only the people who have access to your VPN can access and monitor your activity.

Can Putlocker Harm My Computer?

Putlocker displays a number of ads with the majority of pop-ups and banner ads. Most of them are not harmful rather some can drive you to harmful websites and download malware to your desktop.

You can avoid these with add blockers or while considering VPN’s look for those which have built-in ad blockers.

The following are the top 10 alternatives to Putlocker is:

#1. Los Movies:

Los Movies is a huge website with thousands of movies and shows with genre categorization. You can go through genre or search for your requirement in search bar itself. You just need to create a free account on the website to stream.

The website has also displayed the IMDB rating of the movies which might help you choose your movie. The website unfortunately has a lot of advertisement pop-ups which could drive to different suspicious websites. You should use an ad blocker or popup blocker on your website to avoid such popups.

#2. Solar Movie:

Solar Movie is another alternate streaming website. The website is simplified which makes it easy to browse. It has an easy interface which helps us find our movie or shows easily in no time. Movies and shows have genre categories and the website also benefits the user or visitor with a search bar.

The website does not require any sign-in which makes it more preferable. You should install an ad blocker before streaming because there are a number of adds on every page and in video or before video adds. Here as well you might need a VPN in some of the countries to stream Solar Movie.

#3. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time is a website and app where you could stream torrented movies. You should again get an effective VPN installed. Streaming any copyright video on such website counts as piracy, distribution.

Here you can either stream on your desktop or install the app on your mobile. Both platforms are well managed and are available in 44 different languages. Similar to previous alternates it has simple search and category section. You can find the majority of your shows and movies rather it be anime or anything.

#4. 123Movies:

123Movies is an all in one online streaming website. We can find movies, tv shows, anime series, shows and much more from all around the globe on 123movies. The number of genres on 123movies sets the website apart from others here.

Similar to other streaming websites above this website also doesn’t actually host any content on its server rather it provides through third parties. You should use VPN here as well to be safe and secure. The best part here is that you can find the majority of your country based shows and movies easily within the category.

#5. Showbox:

Showbox is a new version of a different app which has been shut down today called Moviebox. It is same as other above. The difference here is that it is not available on a website. You can try with an android installer on your desktop and use the application in it.

It is available for ios as well if required. You can download both the versions here.

#6. PrimeWire:

Primewire definitely has some great quantity and quality based movies, shows and much more. The outdated layout or design of the website creates a negative impact on users. Other than the design and layout everything is perfect. You can find a huge number of movies and shows on the website. The genre is quite big where you can find Hollywood movies, shows, anime and much more.

You select your streaming quality as well here from low to medium and high. This helps users to stream in different types of internet speed. You won’t always need to be dependent on wifi for streaming due to the quality requirement makes it more preferable for mobile users.

#7. Rainierland:

Rainierland is again a perfect website to stream movies and shows. The homepage itself displays trending movies from time to time. You don’t need to log in or provide any details. Just visit the website and play the video you want to see. You can also search through the search bar or go through genres as you want.

There are different sections categorizing movies and shows where you can see the handpicked movies on display and could also search for others in the search bar.

#8. PlayBox Hd:

PlayBox Hd is an alternative to Showbox that can be used on both ios and android systems. The design and structure of the app are simple and clean where you can stream movies and shows in high definition without any buffer.

#9. FMovies:

FMovies is another version of Solar Movie. The major focus has been on developing a slick interface. The categorization differs and gets better on FMovies. The UI is also better which allows a better browsing experience.

FMovies is definitely better than Solar Movies in appearance and UI but an important part of streaming online the strength or speed might go down a little.

#10. Popcornflix:

Popcornflix is a longtime player in the market. It is one of the most preferred alternatives to Putlocker for streaming movies and shows. It contains a number of old movies and shows while at the same time new shows and movies which are in trend.

You dont need to create an account on Popcornflix which makes it more easier for a user to stream and watch their favourite movies or shows. It is compatible with all the computer as well as android and ios devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can I stream Movies and Shows for free Online? 

You can watch on different websites like the ones mentioned above. These websites and apps can help you stream your favourite new trending shows and movies for free.

  • Is it safe to browse these websites or apps?

Some of these websites are safe while some might have issues in a few countries. For the same reason, it is recommended to use VPN and ad blockers together for these.

  • Is Putlocker and such websites Legal in The USA?

Yes, it is legal to stream in the USA rather for once if you download videos or movies it is considered to be copyright infringement.

  • Are such websites banned in India?

Yes, such video streaming websites with no authority are banned. You can use VPN for such streaming which might create a safe passage in India as well.

  • Will VPN protect me while using such websites or apps?

Yes, totally you are safe until you personally don’t share the allowance to monitor to someone.