Best Procreate Brushes For Your Procreate Account

Ipad owners might have come across a variety of illustrations and designing apps on the internet, but there is nothing like procreating yet. Best for both hobbyists and professional illustrators, the procreate app is no doubt ruling the world of digital designing and illustrations. Big companies like Disney and Pixar are also using Procreate for their everyday work, and the employees there have been turning their iPads into drawing books and creating magic. In this blog, we will be taking the readers over some of the best procreate brushes so that they can purchase them and add them to their brush library. Let’s be honest here, what art is being created without using brushes.

The Retro Procreate Brushes: the Complete Toolbox

The book contains some of the best and required brushes for illustrators regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Right from Lo-fi subtle grain & noise brushes, Edge & fold distressed brushes, The dry brushes, Shade, depth & texture brushes, Gouache shader brushes, Drunk sailor stippling brushes, Retrograin shading brushes, Hundreds of more professional-grade brushes, Pencils, pens & ink brushes to Chalk brushes, Watercolor brushes, Halftone brushes, Engraving brushes, Cross-country cross hatchers. You will find everything you need in this retro supply kit.

The Ultimate Brush Toolkit

In case you happen to be an illustrator with no particular preference, then you should have every kind of brush in your brush library. Since you never know when you might want to try something new, it is always advised to have a wide selection of brushes to keep your options open. Right from charcoal brushes, airbrushes, acrylic, and watercolor brushes to pastel, oil, and even marker brushes, the ultimate brush toolkit contains the basics. The toolkit has been desired to cover every kind of digital art that any illustrator might think of. 

Manga Procreate and Anime Brushes Toolkit

For illustrators who have a knack for Asian comics art forms, the manga procreates and anime brushes toolkit will not only make it easier for you but will also allow you to create magic. It comes with eight different custom brushes, four different anime color palettes, four varieties of half-tone brushes, and a manual that provides the illustrators with detailed information. The manual is provided so that the illustrators do not face trouble comprehending which brush is for what purpose.

Manga Comic Maker Toolkit

Another brush toolkit that will cater to Asian comic art forms, this toolkit has been designed to procreate users with iPads to bring the different manga characters and paintings alive. The brushes include 30 photoshop brushes of different kinds, 30 different kinds of clip studio brushes, and other kinds of comic requirements that are necessary to create a manga.

Now that you know about some of the most popular and best procreate brushes, it is time for you to choose the set which caters to your requirements the most. Procreate has taken the world by storm, and the illustrators who are using the app vouch for its greatness.