Benefits of Shipping Freight

What Is Shipping Freight?

The process of transporting goods is called shipping freight. Movement of goods and commodities from one destination to other destination through any mode of transportation comes under shipping freight. Commodities can be shipped through water, land or air and a combination of any of these.

The selection of the mode of transportation depends upon the type, size and volume of the commodity being transported. Some shipping freight accommodates heavy and some light goods. A bulk quantity will be favoured by ships and trains whereas quick shipments are carried through cargo planes.

Shipping freight is the best way of getting commodities safely to the destination on time and in a cost-effective manner. All shipping freight modes have different pros and cons; here are few of the advantages you should consider while selecting a mode for shipment of commodities.

  1. Choose the famous freight services in the area when shipping important and expensive freight. As you don’t want the goods to reach the destination all damaged and spoiled.
  2. Research on the types of mode available and study the advantages and disadvantages of each and then select the most cost-effective mode. You can select any one or go for a combination of two.
  3. For a time sensitive delivery you need to critically evaluate the transit duration of modes. And choose the mode which goes with your delivery time frame.

Benefits of Ocean Freight

1. Best for large volume goods.
2. Suitable for products that have long lead times.
3. It is an eco-friendly mode of freight transport.
4. An economical and efficient mode of transport.
5. Commodities can be transferred to far away countries.
6. Covers the whole world.

Benefits of Air Freight

1. Speedy transit system.
2. No large volume handling which provides more time for proper handling.
3. No dealings with complex documentation.
4. Safest for fragile commodities due to packaging requirements.
5. High-security check on the cargo.
6. On time delivery of time-sensitive orders.

Benefits of Rail Freight

  • Most efficient land transportation
  • Trains can carry the load of almost hundreds of trucks in one haul.
  • They are suitable for freight transportation within the country
  • It serves as the most common mode of shipping inland lock countries.
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for long distance transportation
  • Accommodates transportation of heavy and bulk commodities

Benefits of Road Freight

  • Best for local transportation of goods and commodities.
  • Low packing cost occur as compare to other shipping freight modes
  • Suitable for across border shipments
  • Can cover rural areas easily
  • Provides flexible services
  • Economical for smaller volume
  • Best for short distance
  • On store, delivery is possible with trucks
  • Backhauling is most popular in road shipping freight

Benefits of intermodal shipping freight

Combination of any of the modes of shipping freight makes an intermodal shipping freight network. A versatile network of transportation extends great advantages to the businessman; here are few of the benefits.

  • Using intermodal you can transport goods from a location to any complex destination all over the world.
  • Provides convinces in handling goods.
  • Helps in globalizing the business.
  • Intermodal shipping freight is most effective for efficient as well as responsive supply chains networks.

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