Some Benefits and Pleasures of Long Distance Trucking

Johnny is a long-distance trucker.  He’s been earning his living doing over the road (“OTR”) trucking for nearly a decade now, and has visited almost every state in the continental United States, plus many provinces in Canada.  He loves the life because it gives him the opportunity to see much of the country while getting paid for the travel.  It is often humorous to see folks save for plane fare to go where he gets paid to drive.

On the other hand, in his first few years driving he had spent a significant sum of cash paying the mortgage, insurance and taxes of the house he had bought in California.  One day when doing his taxes in his hotel room he realized that he was spending nearly a quarter of his earnings to pay for a place that he lived in probably at most three months out of a full year.  That was the day he talked to the management of the Extended Stay America.  He got a list of their many locations throughout the country, and their rates for stays longer than a week – the amount of time he often spent between trips.  Then he calculated how much that might cost compared to the amount he was paying for his home mortgage.  When he included what he could save using a Groupon coupon to reduce the cost of a suite at Extended Stay America by up to 31% on the rate for stays longer than 6 nights he realized he could earn more by selling his house and living on the road.  He contacted a realtor friend who put his home on the market; Johnny used the earnings to make his first investment in the market.

Today instead of a homeowner paying local property taxes and mortgage interest and insurance, Johnny is makes investments while travelling about the country driving semis and watching his investments gain interest.  At the same time, he lives comfortably at various Extended Stay America locations where he can relax and enjoy his breaks from driving while not having to worry about property maintenance, upkeep management or security.  They look after all of that and make certain facilities are in good condition.  It is an arrangement that has made his life even more attractive and pleasant.