A Beginner Guide to Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay per call is a unique kind of marketing where the advertiser pays to the publisher based on how many calls they receive along with a few additional factors. Pay per call is more n performance-based rather than just the click or engagement.

If you’re new to the pay per call marketing industry, then this post is for you where we will talk about the basic guide on Pay per call marketing.

What is Pay per call advertising?

It is an excellent type of advertising medium where the publisher is being paid when someone clicks on the ad and calls the inbound customer care number. It’s not the traditional form of advertising medium. The main agendas for the advertisers here are to get the inbound lead and then the brand tries to convert those inbound calls to the customer.

Why do you need pay per call advertising?

Pay per call advertising is one of the most converting ways of advertising for selling something. When someone calls the customer care and customer care representative or sales representee talks to the customer then the chances of conversion are between 5 to 30%. Usually, this figure is between 2-10% in case of any other advertising.

Pros of pay per call advertising

There are various positive sides of pay per call advertising, let’s talk about a few-

High conversion rate: Speaking on phone is way more convincing than most of the other types of advertisement.

High payout: There is a wide range for payout, and it can range from a few dollars per call to a few hundred per call. The payout also depends on the duration of the call.

Easy to start: Doesn’t need any complex system to get started

Low fraud traffic: There are fewer chances of fraud traffic here as the lead will be considered eligible when the caller will be on call for at least a few (defined by network) minutes.

Call recording: As the networks can record the call and so these can be additional data points for analyzing and taking concrete business decisions.

Cons of pay per call advertising

Here are some negative sides of pay per call advertising as well-

Technology savvy: Yes, you need a good software system that can route the call, record the call, and provide good insight as well. You will need an IVR so that the customer can be routed to the correct department and customers won’t have to wait long on the call. The good thing is nowadays there are various all-in-one software like Ringba which gives you call tracking, recording, analyzing features among a few.

Conversion tracking can be a problem: Tracking the conversion from offline marketing is difficult. You may not be able to completely track whether the caller is calling by seeing a TV ad or billboard.

Which niche performs well in pay per call advertising?

As the payout for pay per call advertising is more compared to the other form of advertisement and so there is a certain specific niche that performs well. Following are some of the niches which work great in pay per call ads-

  •       Home improvement
  •       Travel agencies
  •       Financial services
  •       Health care services
  •       Legal services and many others


I hope you got some good insights about pay per call advertising where the conversion is more and at the same time the payout is also more. So, this can be a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers. Also, make sure to pay per call software to get the best of the calls and for future analytics.