A Basic Understanding of Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are the professionals who are responsible for keeping the traffic flowing smoothly, water running and people moving. The basic work of a land surveyor is to assess the land and based on it; they can find out the strength and weakness of the land. Land surveyors are associated with various public projects, and they survey the land before building a bridge, station, or stadium. Apart from that, they also work for building dams, tunnels, and roadways. Moreover, this study also helps in assessment with the type of construction that can be one a particular land.

Surveyors are of several types; some of them work in mines and in fields, on cliffs and on beaches. When you buy a property, you need land surveying if you want to upgrade or renovate the property. This is the time you need the help of land surveyor for a variety of work. They are the one who does the valuation of your house as well as the place of your work. Before you build a house, you need to test the soil. You must know about the water and sewage channels laid under the ground, otherwise you will get penalized by the municipality for damaging their public property during your excavation. In this case, you need to hire a land surveyor.

Where do Land Surveyors work?

A land surveyor is experts in taking the precise measurements to discern the property measurements. They work both in the fields as well as office. The job of a qualified and a licensed professional is land surveyor no mean feat. Since it requires considerable fieldwork, they also need to work in difficult terrain with bad weather. Surveyors can work on height, and they can climb the hills with their instruments for a new project. They determine the property topography, and official property dividing line.

Duties of Surveyors:

  • They record the results of surveying and verify the accuracy of data
  • They can measure the distances between two points to build a highway.
  • They can test the soil and underneath level
  • They can help you to protect your land with a boundary and they can also assist you to save your land from neighbor.
  • They can also help you to pass your project from municipality.
  • They are responsible for un preparing plots, maps, and reports
  • Present findings to clients and government agencies

The Role of Land Surveyor: 

Land surveyors are licensed and trained professional who establishes, and if the need arises, they re-establish corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments of the land property based upon recorded documents, historical evidence, and present standards of practice. They will analyze the data and help you to plan a layout for your new construction project.

    • Land surveyors identify land ownership and property boundaries.
    • They are responsible for managing activities and performing research on historical and legal land ownership.
    • The conduct calculations, evaluation in specific areas and prepare the survey notes based on their research.
    • Land surveyors measure and prepare the layout.
    • Read, utilize, and interpret design drawings and topographic maps for the real estate product line coordinator and in-house design group.
    • They are the one who performs as senior project leader for the survey at in-house and mapping projects.
    • They perform as a contracting officer technical representative (COTR) for architect-engineer.
    • They implement the mapping contracts and Indefinite Quality (IQ) surveying.

Here we have highlighted the key services offered by land surveyors. They have years of experience with local authorities, and they measure the property boundaries done in no time. They are hired to locate the boundary on the physical land and mark it. With an experienced land surveyor, it is a guarantee that the construction at a particular site will be long-lasting and safe.