4 First Date Tips for Men to Make the Right Impression

If you’re preparing to dust off your one-liners and get ready to pursue love’s young dream once more, you are not alone. By all measures, this summer is on track to be the biggest one ever for dating, as romance-starved singletons hit the bars, restaurants, clubs, streets, and sheets like never before.

Of course, if you have been out of the game for a while, as most of us have, you might be feeling a little rusty. If so, there is no need to panic, with our first date tips that are ideal for all men, you can hit the meat market with confidence, poise, and sexiness. Read these essential first-date tips for men to learn more.

#1. Conversation is a Two-Way Street

When it comes to first date advice, this one is numero uno. How you engage with your date and strike up a conversation will be the deciding factor for date number two. Make sure to think of some first-date conversation starters that go beyond the well-known platitudes.

Show him or her that you are interested. Good first date questions can be about shared hobbies, goals in life, what each person is looking for in a partner. It is important to listen, but it is also crucial to actually make an effort. Just don’t talk about yourself the whole time.

#2. Touch is a Balancing Act

Physical touch is often essential for gauging the initial “spark” and creating that all-important intimacy. However, it is important to get the balance right. If you do not try and engage in your touch at all, you might come off as distant.

However, if you overdo it or act inappropriately, you can kiss that second date goodbye. If the date is going well, consider a gentle hand touch at the table. Move their hair out of their face perhaps. Don’t reach below the waist unless you know you’re both down for it.

#3. Focus On the Other Senses

Rather than obsessing over first-date outfits for men (they do not care what you are wearing), you should focus on the other senses. One of the most important senses for striking a connection with another person is smell. That’s why it is essential to choose the right cologne without overdoing it. 

#4. Be Yourself

This might sound like a cliche for some, but it really does bear repeating. Don’t overcompensate with unnecessary braggadocio. All this does is signify that you are either self-absorbed or deeply insecure, two very unattractive qualities. Be self-deprecating without being a buzzkill. Just relax and be yourself. If your date is worth seeing again, this is what they will want to see.

Beyond First-Date Tips for Men

Now that you know the top first date tips for men, it’s time to learn more. At our dedicated Lifestyle guides, you’ll find essential tips on how to make 2021 the summer of love to remember. Check it out today.