Stepping out of your comfort zone and building your work wardrobe can be an intimidating task. For lack of a better expression, it’s like getting lost in a maze. There are so many different options and designs of clothing, that you end up getting completely confused!

So before you go out and buy the first thing you lay your eyes, or just anything at random, here are some basics on what a working man must have in his wardrobe!

No working man can do without at least two suits in his closet! You need to smarten it up a little for more official and formal events and if you’re just a suit kind of guy, then more power to you! No one could look bad in a suit unless they were purposely trying to accomplish just that.

When it comes to suits, you can never go wrong with a navy one. It establishes the ultimate standard at work! If you’re looking for another color, then gray or tan would be good choices as well.

It’s always better to wear custom suiting along with  custom dress shirt that will give you more elegant look and differentiate you from other for being stylish and wearing perfect fitted clothes.

Suits for Working Man


There will be days when putting on a suit won’t be your first pick. Those days you can opt for a blazer instead. These are essential to any good work wardrobe. Blazers come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics.


Try to make sure that your blazers aren’t the same color as your suits and even then, go for fabrics that make it easier for you to wear your blazers in every season.



If you don’t have at least 6 of these in your wardrobe, then you don’t have a work wardrobe! One thing that you can absolutely not do without is a dress shirt, and not just one, but at least a dozen!

You need to be careful when shopping for these because they are what you build your entire look on! While you need a couple of white dress shirts and a couple of light blue ones, don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of different colors and patterns till you find the right kinds for you.

Dress Shirts for Working Man

No matter how many dress shirts you buy, you can never have enough of these. While we are on the topic of dress shirts, get yourself some custom fit dress shirts and notice the change in your entire persona! They work like magic, making you look sharper and smarter! 

Another essential in your wardrobe are slacks. These work great with blazers, but also go equally well with dress shirts only. Make sure that the colors of the trousers match those of your blazers. With that, buy these in a chronological order, so that you know what to look for! 

Slacks for Men

A well dressed man never went to work without a belt! While going beltless might have been acceptable in high school, the concept definitely doesn’t bode well at work! Get yourself a couple of sturdy belts, definitely a black and brown one! 

Belts for Working Men


You might have not thought of these as an essential before, but you must start now! No work outfit seems complete without a good tie to enhance it! Try to establish a solid tie collection with time. No one expects you to don a remarkable tie every day in the first month at work! 



Working Man Dress Shoes

Let’s save the best for the last! It is almost impossible to ever forget dress shoes! Invest in some stylish and durable Oxfords or leather shoes and you will all you’ll ever need in shoes! Plus, with a little maintenance, these survive for a long time.