Winning New Followers on Instagram with the Help of Your Employees

Winning new Instagram followers is what every person wants on Instagram, but it is not always possible to get what you want unless you are willing to put in the effort. You can certainly buy Instagram followers to get you started, but what you post will always have an impact on how long you can be on top of things. While you can try many strategies, here are some simple ways to make your employees rise to the occasion and benefit your business.

Encourage Your Employees

Instagram is an influential marketing tool, and you can use it to promote your business. When a business is presented by a group of people instead of a single profile, there is more probability of it reaching the maximum users.

For attaining your marketing goals, you can encourage your employees to use Instagram and use this platform for the sales and marketing of your business. Your employees may be using their Instagram profile for venting out their thoughts and might not be willing to utilize their personal space for business promotion.

In this case, you can ask them to manage a separate profile for this purpose and post-business-related promotions over there.


The link in the bio is the only available option for sharing links on Instagram. To promote your business profile with the help of your employees, you can ask them to link your business profile in their link in a bio with the CTA of the company name. This way the visitors on your employees` profile are more likely to visit your business profile too.

While using your business link in the bio of your employees` profile make sure there are no activities going on their profile that may let down your company`s image.

Engagement Of Employees

Another marketing tactic on Instagram involving the employees is to encourage them to engage in your business posts.

You can inform your employees ahead of time regarding the schedule of posts, so they start engaging on your post as soon as it gets uploaded on Instagram.

The more engagement on your post leads it to be on the top of the newsfeed of your followers. Additionally, whenever an employee interacts on your post, it will also appear on the Explorer tab of their followers as well.

This increased engagement will help you in attaining your marketing goals at a swift pace.

Photos of Working Place

If you want to share your working place with your Instagram followers, you can request your employees to upload their photos while being at work on their Instagram profile along with the hashtags of company`s business profile and location.

There are many possible variations in these photos. Employees can share their selfies posing in a way that it showcases the logo of the brand in the background. They can share individual or group photos of working enthusiastically. They can also upload photos featuring different products of the company.

These photos will help in boosting your business profile along with its location and proves the authenticity and genuineness of your brand.

Linking Stories

Your employees can assist you in promoting your brand by linking your company`s username and business profile link in their stories. They can create stories about their working experience with you, or review your brand in their stories. They can also share their enthusiasm about their job or can upload photos of their paid vacations by you.

Reposting From Business Account

One effective way to make your employees play a role in increasing the number of followers you have is to make them report using your business account. You can try the Repost for an Instagram app for this purpose. It means that the posts your employees make should be credited to your business account in both the caption and the image.

As you can see that you can try many different ways to make your employees pitch in and help you get new followers, so be sure to use these tips and encourage your employees to be more productive for the company.