Why You Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident

Any time you’re involved in a car accident it’s advisable you contact a lawyer. It would even be better you call one immediately when the accident happens. Well, you might be wondering why you need a lawyer, and after all, you got an insurance cover.

Lawyers will always be of significance to you not only in getting your compensation but also helping you with your rights. Several accidents in Los Angeles happen daily, but few people know the way to go about it. Below are some of the reasons why you need a lawyer after a car accident.

A better understanding of legal matters

Not having undertaken any law classes, you might not even understand the rights entitled to you. These lawyers happen to be experts in what they do, and has taken a course in law better understands the law than you do. After an accident, whether you’re the victim or not, you might find yourself in a court of law. Defending yourself without enough knowledge of law matters is never a good idea. You might be convicted as even the guilty party, whereas you were the victim. Car accident attorneys will help you with legal advice and also be there to represent you in court when the need arises.. These lawyers in CIR Legal PLLC happen to be experts in what they do, and has taken a course in law better understands the law than you do.

To make sure you rightfully get compensated

If you happen to get involved in a car accident, don’t rush to call your insurance company. The first person you should make contact with is your lawyer. Whenever you contact insurance companies first, they end up investigating your claims in favor of the companies hence ending up with unfair compensation. Most of the Los Angeles auto accident lawyers handle the insurance matters for you. Don’t go to an insurance company without backup if you want to get compensated fairly.

Gather enough evidence

In cases of accidents, it would be better if you call your lawyer to gather evidence. The evidence might be useful during negotiations with the insurance company or even when you find yourself in the hands of the law. You might think you can gather enough evidence that can save you from being convicted guilty, but you might have close to nothing. A lawyer will only collect the information they know you might need as they’re well conversant with the law.  It will require significant evidence to show out that you’re the victim of someone else negligence.

Determine the actual value of your injuries

Most people, when filing for compensation, write out that they didn’t suffer any injuries. What they don’t know is that some injuries you might not feel immediately, but they might arise later. Having filled out the no injuries means you can’t get compensated for any damage. However, if you just called your lawyer, they could have advised you how to fill the form. Most of these Los Angeles auto accident lawyers have dealt with many accidents hence have prior knowledge in accident matters dealings.

Bottom line 

Being involved in a car accident is the last thing that you would like to happen to you. However, you never know when such a disaster could strike. If you want to be on the safer side, always have your lawyers’ number as one of the emergency numbers in your contact list.