Why Going Vegan is the New Fad

Veganism is sizzling, the brand new craze around the world today. Don’t mistake it with a passing fancy, Veganism is here to stay. It might even take over!

I’m sure you would echo in the same tone as you read through the article.

Last three years or so have been happening on this front. Veganism has grown over 600% in the US during this time. Only 1% of all people called themselves

Vegan in 2014. The figure hit 6% last year. In the UK too, there was a good surge, with 350% rise in the trend.

Let me share what’s the scene in India. RGI conducted a survey 4 years back. It said 29% of the all respondents over the age of 15 identified themselves as Vegetarian. In an equation, it was 25% in 2004.

Now the numbers certainly don’t support my cause but I am betting big on how it enumerates in the next 5 to 10 years, and even further.

I am really hopeful because I see the Vegan trend catching up real fast. Let me share what I think about why it is gaining momentum –

Veganism is still growing at the global level –

 A study conducted in 2010 predicted nearly 21.8% global population as Vegan. I would be very much interested to know what’s the figure now.

The point I like to make here is that Veganism is still in adopting phase which makes it a subject of novelty, freshness, change and modernity.

Had the numbers been opposite, it wouldn’t have been so chic to be called a Vegan. Isn’t it?

No one would take a note if you are a regular non-vegetarian in a country of predominant Non-vegans. For example the USA.

Embrace Veganism and get into that 6% group, people would talk about it. Take my words!

It’s like you are hanging out with your friends and the lunchtime approaches. While the rest are happy with their chicken sandwich, you are searching for a spring vegetable or brussel sprouts on the menu.

Looking at the current scene, don’t be surprised if you are joined by some of your friends. They are most likely to enjoy their first serious taste of Veganism 🙂

Yes, Social Media is adding to its popularity –

No wonder why social media has caught up massively in the recent times. What started as means of communication and personal sharing, has now instrumented our commercial motives.

Statista reported that India had over 196 million users visiting social sites in 2017. The number is expected to reach over 320 million in the course of next 4 years.

You won’t find a single online business today which doesn’t have a Facebook page or doesn’t Tweet. Social media is one of the significant most branches of Digital Marketing, driving the success of almost every business setup.

Even in our personal space, social media has a huge penetration. Sharing photos, wishing birthdays, commenting, liking and expressing emojis, we do it 100 times a day. Whether we buy a new dress, visit a nearby pub or depart for holiday,  we never forget leaving an update online.

Actions and things that have an element of humane, ethics and morality are highly admired and draw attention. That’s one prominent aspect of social media that I have noticed in the recent times. Similarly, Veganism has gained huge popularity owing to social sites.

It doesn’t stop at going meatless alone. If you have turned Vegan, you also like to let the world know about it. Isn’t it true?

You like to post your pictures of carrying a trendy bag made of paper cotton and not of suede. This is going to fetch you another 1000 likes. I bet!

You become a near-celebrity overnight and get loads of fan following. Trust me, this glamour and respect anyday outweighs the urge of eating non-veg food.

In a nutshell, social media community is intelligent. It appreciates events of high principle and those that contribute to social causes.

Being Vegan sure is considerate

Veganism has a different definition everywhere. While in some countries, it is about switching to a Vegan diet, elsewhere people even refrain from taking milk and dairy products.

Strict Vegans go for a complete lifestyle makeover. Neither they use stuff made of animal skin, nor go on a leisure holiday that involves animal rides and activities.

I saw an advertisement on National Geographic some time ago. It concluded with the slogan ‘Stop eating animals, the killing will stop too’. It has been encouraging to see Veganism taking shape ever since.

Generation Z is perhaps the wittiest of the human lot. The fact that they have exposure to internet and technology since young age, they can easily relate with growing social issues, their impact and gravity.

They understand how essential it is to promote sustainable living and maintain a balance in ecology. Modern-day population is happy to be able to contribute to its cause and make a difference.

It certainly is mod and fanciful going Vegan.

Corporate backing –

Veganism is endorsed by some of the biggest names in the business. This certainly makes it hep and trendy. Biggies like Google have long been supporting the Vegan movement.

Only recently, a news surfaced on the internet which reported, a Vegan food company called ‘Apeel Sciences’ has got the backing of Bill Gates. The support came in the wake of its effort in making avocados last 50% longer.

Some time back, we also heard Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, asking its sellers to promote Veganism by offering more of plant-based products. Only last month, Walmart acquired 77% stake in Flipkart, one of the largest retail marketplaces in India.

Now, Is that a move to promote Veganism? Only time will tell.

I too suggest taking a look at countries like India, which has historically been the land of Ayurveda, herbs, terpenes, organic compounds and Vegan diet. The people here may not be on top of health and nutrition scale, they aren’t left at the bottom either.

Upshot –

My heart goes out to millions in the west who are simply watching and hoping the Veganism debate soon ends.

A never-ending debate among health experts and medical practitioners has continued ever since Veganism has taken wings. Whether or not a Vegan diet is safe and nutritious for human development, it is being endlessly argued upon.

But both sides look strong. We never thought we would come across plant-based sources of Omega-3? However, we have now.

Veganism has certainly gone mainstream. It is celebrated world-over like never before. It’s time to join the party and hit the trend.

-By Jenny Travens

Jenny is a creative blog writer who has many passions and interests. Health and wellness is one area where she likes to contribute as much as she can. She is a currently contributing to Foxxlifesciences & Meddentsafety besides other blogs.