Trucks are big commercial vehicles that are needed for our day to day consumption of goods in the sense that, they are needed to transport consumer products from one location to the other. They cannot be banned or restricted out of our roads, however, it is not right that truck drivers should be careless while driving or not be mindful of smaller cars that are also on the road. It was recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that more than 110,000 Americans have been injured as a result of accidents from these big trucks, semi-trucks, diesel trucks, 18-wheeler, even tractor-trailers. Due to the big sizes of these vehicles about 4,000 people have died in these accidents. Although these large vehicles account for 3% of all the vehicles on the road, it is yet responsible for 12 % of fatal accidents. Even though truck drivers are experienced and trained in their field, they still find themselves involved in accidents.


If you or your friend or even a family member was involved in a truck accident, you should know this. You have a legal right for such a situation and all you have to do is to get a professional truck accident lawyer  or a personal injury lawyer who deals with truck accidents.

A professional truck accident lawyer/ personal injury lawyer knows the in and out of how to deal with this case. Dealing with truck accident cases can really be a big case and stressful which is why it is the best idea to get a professional truck accident lawyer.

You may ask. Is it possible for me to sue a trucking company without a lawyer? Well, yes it is possible but it is not a wise move. As soon as a trucking company is aware that one of their drivers is involved in an accident, they will find means to get in touch with you or contact you. All conversations and communications should be done through your lawyer. As soon as they can’t get in contact with you or as soon as you direct them to your lawyer, they notify their professional insurance lawyers which are ready to fight to the defense of their client (the trucking company). So you don’t want to go head-on-head with these insurance lawyers.

Also, this trucking company may want to offer you a sum of money to prevent you from taking legal actions, but your lawyer knows if the money offered is fair enough to cover up for any loses medical bills or lost wages. If it is not worth it, your lawyer will persuade you to reject it. If things do not go well with the trucking company, then you should consider suing.

This is why you should consider hiring a truck accident lawyer who has experience in facing and handling truck accident cases. Your lawyer knows what to prepare and how to strategize the case legally. Get a truck accident lawyer today and let him fight for your legal rights.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given 10 usual causes of truck accidents or 10 factors that are always responsible for truck accidents. Finding a cause for your accident is a faster way for your lawyer to win the lawsuit. So to win your lawsuit, your case must be based on one of these 10 factors/causes of truck accident;

  • Problem with the road
  • Problem with the break
  • Use of prescribed drugs
  • Poor surveillance
  • Poor knowledge of road
  • A need to stop before a crash (crosswalk)
  • Interruption of traffic flow
  • Self-medication (over the counter drugs)
  • Tiredness
  • Speeding too fast

All these are the major causes/factors of truck accidents. All other causes can be sub categorized under any of these causes/factors.


Truck accident settlement varies from case to case but an average settlement amount ranges from thousands of dollars and to millions sometimes. Trucking companies are required by the Federal Government to carry considerable more insurance than any other motor vehicles because of their enormous size; they tend to cause severe damage when involved in an accident. Experienced and well-trained truck accident lawyers will fight to get you the best compensation that will cover up for any loses medical bills, lost wages or damaged cars.


It is your legal right to fight for your loss. After your accident, contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible and let your lawyer help you take legal action.