Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may have been a mere option in the past, with some small companies seeing it as an alternative means of advertising. Nearly 90% of Canadians use the Internet, and many are making purchasing decisions on their mobile devices while on the go. Businesses who employ digital marketing techniques and SEO (search engine optimization) can effectively build leads and increase sales.

Here are some reasons to look into online marketing:

It’s cost-effective

Traditional media buys can be expensive. The CBC advertises a single 30-second television ad can cost a minimum of $20 per runtime (not including facility fees and production costs). A business may spend $20,000 (inclusive of all other fees) or more for one spot. Newspapers and magazines charge upwards of $300 (higher for larger and more popular publications) for a quarter page ad — and about $20,000 for full-page.

Depending on the yearly digital marketing services your business requires, you could need a budget between $50 to $5000. The prices also depend on whether the campaign is handled in-house or you hire a contractor. When outsourcing, another factor that affects prices (and, potentially, convenience) is whether your contractor is local or from another country.

If your online marketing team is located locally, (like in Toronto or in Ottawa): the best SEO services can cost you from $2,500 to $5000 monthly. High-quality web design and development services can range from $300 to $750 per page; “pay-per-click” services run a minimum of $2500; blog posts (varying by length and coverage) can range from $50 to $1000; and social media marketing (depending on the platform/s, post types, and frequency) can run from $1000 to $20,000 per month.

The initial investment may appear daunting, but your content stays online and is indefinitely accessible, especially if your website is optimized for user engagement. With a reasonable monthly investment in SEO long-term, you’ll get a measurable return on investment, making it a cost-effective means of marketing.

Small businesses have equal opportunity

Because it’s affordable, Internet marketing levels the playing field for small- to medium-sized businesses. These strategies give them the leverage to compete with bigger competitors in their industry. If your website is being found on the first page of Google searches, and you have great pages that detail your experience, your product or service, and your testimonials, you stand the same chance of getting a new customer as the brand right above or below you.

Reaches the target market

Place your brand, products, and/or services in front of the public who are looking to pay for them. Using specific online tools, you can direct your campaign at specific audiences. Facebook, for example, allows you to choose the demographic (by age, interests, and location) that will receive your posts.

Additionally, online presence influences purchases. PwC’s Global Consumer Insights 2018 Survey reveals that 37% of consumers are inspired to make a purchase when viewing social media, while 34% are influenced by visiting individual retailer websites.

Takes advantage of the ROBO economy

The term ROBO stands for “research online, buy offline.” Approximately 82% of smartphone users conduct online research before making a purchasing decision. In addition, 56% of online shoppers (and 45% of those who shop in stores) read online reviews before purchasing a product.

Provides better ROI

Basically, digital marketing is less expensive, has a wider reach, and can affect consumer behavior. Results are also long-term. Unlike the hard-to-measure ROI on newspaper ads or TV ads, your online efforts are accessible 24/7. With regular maintenance and the right strategies, your brand will be found in prominent spots on the web. When ready-to-buy customers find your site, you’ll start getting more calls and messages you can convert into sales. To run a successful digital marketing campaigns measuring ROI is a crucial part. One needs to get hard data and insights to make better decisions for the company. You can hire Justgoweb Digital- SEO Company for best ROI solutions.

Establishes a 24-hour presence

Your target audience has access to your business website from anywhere around the world, at any time. Say, for instance, a Canadian has a dental emergency in Hong Kong but is traveling home in two hours. That person can go online, find a dental office in their neighborhood, and book an appointment for the next day. Strong digital marketing strategies allow you to reach your customers whenever they need to make inquiries or a purchase.

Enhances customer relationships

Building an online presence opens your communication lines with both existing and potential clients. As your clientele becomes familiar with your site as a source of reliable information (through blogs, tips, and other updates), they trust you more. This also means consumers can reach you when they have a question or if they need updates. It also allows you to respond rapidly to any complaint and correct the problem.

Easy performance tracking

Track the results of your campaign with online tools. Using these tools, businesses can determine if their marketing strategies are effective or if there is room for improvement. Analytics tools allow you to:

  • Evaluate mentions of your brand
  • Gain insight into customer search behavior
  • Gauge the performance of competitor sites

Maintains your competitive edge

While you analyze the efficacy of your own online strategies, you can keep tabs on your competitors. With the help of a few online tools, you can learn about their Internet marketing strategies (e.g. keywords and social media posts), how effective their campaign is, and what you can do to improve your game. The web is a hyper-competitive marketplace where you need to actively participate — or lose ground to your rivals.

All combined, the advantages of digital marketing allows you to improve your bottom line and increase profits. With the help of experts offering SEO, social media, and web design services, you can take advantage of everything the Internet and digital tools have to offer to expand your business.

Stay relevant in today’s cutthroat commercial industry by making sure that the right digital marketing strategies are in place.