When you visit a website to play free demo slot games, you can be sure to see numerous modern IGT slot machines. With high graphics quality and dozens of paylines, these games are played by thousands of people from all over the world and offer a fun and profitable experience with different themes.

However, when you look at the most popular online slots lists, you will see something surprising: most players still prefer the old-fashioned 777 themed slot machines. Some of these games, also known as classic slots or fruit slots, have been on the top of the players’ list, although they have been on the market for almost a decade. This is interesting because the 777 themed slots have some drawbacks compared to modern games. These can be listed as follows:

  • The graphics quality is lower. Compared to modern video slots, classic slot games have very low-quality graphics and animations. Most of them don’t even have any special effects: their interface looks like a real slot cabinet, and that’s all. They are not visually satisfactory – we can even say that they look quite “boring”.
  • They have (almost) no special symbols and bonus rounds. In general, classic slots do not contain special symbols such as “wild” and “scatter”. Moreover, some don’t even have a bonus rounds like spins on free IGT slots– all you can do is placing the same symbols next to each other, and there are no additional features that can help you.
  • There are very few paylines. Modern slot games can have thousands of paylines. Even now, you can easily find a video slot with 1,024 lines. In classic slots, on the other hand, the number of paylines is usually between 1 and 10. Yes, that’s right: it is possible to find games with even a single line. This negatively affects the overall payout, as we will explain in more detail below – the winning frequency of fruit slots is not as high as video slots.
  • They have no theme. They are called “fruit slots” for a reason. The majority of classic slots have only one theme and one kind of symbol – fruits. If you like to play pirate or superhero-themed casino games, for example, this is simply not possible: You need to pick video slot games for that.

Despite all these drawbacks, classic slots are still very popular – if you visit any online casino site and look at the list of the most played games, you’ll find at least 3-4 fruit slot machines in the Top-10. So what’s the reason? Why are 777 themed slots still popular? We have three different answers to this question; you can see all of them below.

They Are Very Easy to Play

Video slots may look much more impressive, but if you’re a beginner, they’ll also look pretty complicated. Numerous symbol combinations, different payouts, different rules for the jackpot prize, lots of different bonus rounds – all of these may seem impressive for veteran players, but a beginner will only see a complex set of rules.

The classic slots, on the other hand, have incredibly simple gameplay and rules that can be learned in just 5 minutes: Spin the reels. Place at least 2-3 identical symbols next to each other. Take the payout.

There is nothing else to learn; this simple set of rules can be easily understood even by the most amateur player. In short, if you have just started playing casino games, classic slots will be one of the best options due to their simple rule systems.

Number of Paylines vs Spin Cost: Classic Slots Win

First of all, let’s briefly explain the concept of payline. These are real lines that connect both sides of the reels. In order to qualify for a payout, you need to land symbols on to these lines. And the more paylines in a slot game, the higher the winning frequency will be. It happens because there will be more options for symbols to form a winning combination: a game with 1,024 lines, for example, pays more often than a game with 20 lines*. In classic slots, however, there are usually no more than 10 lines, so at first glance, the winning frequency appears to be much less. And again, at first glance, this is true. But when we make a comparison according to the “spin cost”, classic slots are actually more advantageous.

Spin cost is a term that shows how many coins you have to pay for each spin. In slot games, bets are placed per line, not per spin. For example, if a game with a minimum coin limit of 0.10 has 15 lines, the actual minimum spin cost will be 1.5 coins (0.10 x 15).

Suppose there are 1,024 lines in the same game. For the reasons we explained above, the winning frequency will be denser, but the cost of each spin will be 102.40 coins (1,024 x 0.10) too. So, if you have a limited budget, you can spend all of it at most a few spins. And if you have a budget of 100 coins, you may not even be able to make a single spin.

However, if you were playing a 5-line classic slot, the spin cost would be only 0.50 coins (5 x 0.10). So you could make a total of 200 spins, even with a budget for 100 coins. Do you prefer a few spins with a high winning frequency or 200 spins with a low frequency? In the long run, even if they have fewer paylines, the classic slots allow you to earn at least as much as video slots, even more. And this is why professional gamblers prefer to play classic slots too: each spin gives you a new chance to win, and with fruit slots, you can get lots of chances.

(*) Unless the game with 20 lines does not have a higher RTP percentage. RTP is short for “return to player”, and it shows how much of your initial investment can be recovered in the long run. 

They Work on Any Device

The graphics and animation quality of modern slot games can sometimes be “too advanced”. If you don’t have a flagship phone or a powerful PC, you may not be able to run these games smoothly. This situation will keep increasing in the future because slot games are taking advantage of all the improvements in graphics technology – we can even start playing CGI quality slot games in the near future. The problem is, this type of technology requires powerful devices. So, in addition to your gambling budget, you have to create a separate budget and use it to upgrade your gaming devices, whether they are computers or phones. You may even need to buy additional equipment. For example, to play VR slot games, you need to have a pair of VR glasses and playing set.

However, by choosing classic slots, you can use this additional budget for gambling. Even if you’re using a phone produced before the smartphone revolution, classic slot games will still run smoothly. In other words, even if you have a potato-level mobile phone (or PC), you don’t need to change it to play fruit slot machines. Contrary to popular belief, the number of people with this type of old phones is quite high: Statistics show that almost half of the mobile phone users in the world continue to use a non-smart phone. Yes, even in 2019.